Tushar and Amrita Rubaroo on Indian Idol

Its time for some Golmaal on Indian Idol with Tushar and Amrita as they interact with contestants on Rubaroo episode...

Indian Idol Rubaroo has been great fun from the time it started last season.  It has only got biggerand better this time round. There is much more in store on Rubaroo this time with Tushar Kapoor and Amrita Arora adding to the glamor.

“Tushar and Amrita had a gala time as they interacted with the contestants on the show. Besides that they were quizzed and also had a gala time dancing. Tushar was more interactive with the contestants,” says our khabroo.

The vivacious actress went gaga about Tushar and said he was a good human being and co-star. “She said that Tushar is the best person she had worked with, and they share a good rapport as friends off the screen too. Working with him was never a problem,” adds the source.

Then the actors played a rapid fire round where they were asked about the likes and dislikes of each other. “Amrita and Tushar faired good in the quiz. From their answer we could say that both are best of friends,” concludes the source.

Amrita's presence had the guys going weak in the knees. In fact, they even forgot to sing when she walked in! But it was the soft-spoken army man Kapil who surprised one and all with his amazing moves and had Amrita dancing on his tunes!

It sure was a lot of golmaal!  

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi


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Amrita Arora

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can someone tell me wat time does rubaroo come n on wat day

15 years ago

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