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#TurningTowardsDigital: 10 Web Series You NEED TO Watch!

Well it's digital age and the web shows are ruling the screens.Go, binge on!

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TV shows may be seen by a large number of audience but majority of millennials watch web series as compared to TV shows! Netflix and Amazon Prime have turned the audiences attention towards the digitally produced content. Well, You tube shouldn't be missed here. We present list of TEN web-series that one can stream to broaden their viewing horizon. Here it goes:


Cast: Sumeet Vyaas, Maanvi Gagroo, Amol Parashar

Haven't watched Tripling yet? You need to go to TVF and start with its first episode already! The story of Tripling revolves around three siblings: Chandan, Chanchal and Chitvan who are unaware of the happenings in each others lives, they meet and have a hilarious road trip where they find themselves. When you watch this, you will surely think about your family and feel grateful for the people who are your constant support. The series was a massive hit back when it got released and now the audience is waiting with bated breath for season 2.

The trip

Cast: Swetha Tripathi, Mallika Dua, Lisa Haydon, Sapna Pabbi

When it comes to girl-drama, The Trip wins! Its not exactly a drama, because the incidents happening in the lives of Sanjana, Anjali, Nazia and Shonali are so very relatable! They go for a bachelorette trip before Anjali's wedding and end up messing their lives. Its a heart warming series as in the last episode all of their questions go answered. How? We are not telling you that.

What The Folks!

Cast: Veer Rajwant Singh, Eisha Chopra, Dhruv Sehgal.

What the folks is a story of two modern families who are trying to live together with major understanding, by breaking stereotypes and overcoming generation gaps. The show hits the point where the husband and wife grow together, love each other albeit all the difference of opinions.

Girls Hostel

Cast: Ahsaas Channa, Simran Natekar, Srishti Shrivastva, Parul Gulati

This is the latest series which came out on Girliyaapa. The series has a fascinating story line where four girls Richa, Milli, Jo and Zahira navigate through friendships and turn into support systems of one another. Dealing with personal issues, parents and the mean girls, they share everything and make sure that they have each others back. The girls shown in the series are bold and millennial. They take their own stand and are empowered. Girl power, we say!


Cast: Srishti Shrivastava, Ronjini Chakraborty, Akanksha Thakur.

Well, this is a total millennial story. It revolves around three girls who tackle life and the society. They are unmarried and live alone! Right from stereotypes, hypocrite society they tackle everything.

Girl in the City

Cast: Mithila Palkar

If you haven't watched this, do you really call yourself a web series watcher? This series came decades ago. This was a massive hit as the girl, Meera comes to Mumbai from Dehradun and faces different kind of experiences in the metropolis that range from good to not so good. But, in the end, Meera triumphs them all and emerges winner.

The Reunion

Cast: Sapna Pabbi, Anuj Sachdeva, Veer Rajawant Singh, Shreya Dhanwanthary

Imagine going to your school after a gap of 10 years with all your friends, who you haven't seen in ages. It's a story about some friends who come for a reunion and sort out all the past misunderstandings, only to grow closer. Just add it in your watch list.

Yeh Meri Family

Cast: Vishesh Bansal, Mona Singh.

Well, this is an intriguing story set in the summer of 1998. The story is about a child, Harshu who tries to balance his family, school, friends and other challenges of growing up. The emotions that every family goes through are shown through the eyes of a twelve year old. The actors have done a good job and literally lived their characters.


Cast: Ritvik Sahore, Tanya Maniktala

Pehla Nasha is the prompt here. Flames is a teenage love story that blooms in one chemistry class. It is a 90's kids romance with the chartbuster pehla nasha playing in the background. The students here have their own problems but their love conquers everything. Its highly recommended when you want to watch something light and relaxing. Watch the first episode and you will realize what are we talking about.

Aam Aadmi Family

Cast: Gunjan Malhotra, Chandan Anand, Brijendra Kala

As the title says, the story goes around a middle class family, Sharma's in this case. The house faces all the problems that a middle class family has, a gossip loving grandmother, a society fearing mother, hard working father and two kids who deal with their own problems. They all have one thing in common, that is their love for each other. You can clearly see your family over there. Having small fights to patch ups, it as real as it can get.

Phew! It was a long list but we're sure that you'll check out some of them. Which one would you love to start with? Let us know in the comments below...

Mona Jaswir Singh Ahsaas Channa

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MasoomaBukhari 1 years ago from this list, i watch girls hostel and its amazing LOL
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smiley13 1 years ago Yeh meri family, Girls Hostel, P A Girls are my all time favourites...great webshows
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O1132506 1 years ago This content is hidden.
Milkyway9 5 years ago Thanks IF..we really luv dis article...days during summer r really irritating...hope dis article will help us a lot...
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