Title Tracks to soothe the ears and eyes!!

Title Tracks play a very important role in a show's success or failure.Lets see which are the Top Ten Title tracks of all times, which stood out from the crowd..

Title Tracks give a show it’s ‘Identity’ and plays a very important role in the success of any show. Every promotional video bears a title track of the show, and with it, the viewers start analyzing whether to watch the show or not!! Music has grown big in the Telly world too, and the producers and directors hit it big by roping in the best of names from the music world for their title track compositions!

Well, Telly Buzz brings you the Top 10 Title Tracks of all times. We have chosen the list keeping in mind the lyrics, the melody, as well as the impact of the music on the story! Also, we have chosen the list based on the uniqueness in the track and the manner in which it is presented..

Chanakya: A show of the late nineties coming from the magical wand of Dr. Chandraprakash Dwivedi, based on the scholar and shrewd mind, Chanakya or Kautilya. The show depicted the ‘Golden Age of Indian History’ and lived up to its expectations and the title track played a significant role in its success. The benchmark lyrics of ‘Assato Ma Sadh gamaya, tamaso maa jyotirgamaya mrityur maa amritamga maya’, with the earthen diya as the background, a title track with a powerful voice, music that was melodious enough, truly made for a wonderful track to watch!

Mahabharat: With two versions of Mahabharath lined up, one by Dr. Chandraprakash Dwivedi and another by Ekta Kapoor, one thing is for sure, that it is Herculean task to live up to the brilliance of the first version, of Chopra's! The title track here too, complimented the show and gave it an altogether different dimension with “Ath Shree Mahabharath Katha” livening up the atmosphere on a Sunday morning!

Discovery of India: A show based on our very first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, wherein the title track provided the audience a bit of mystery and inquisitiveness. With a dark background, subtle music and lyrics such as “Antarishk bhi nahin, akaash bhi nahin tha..chipaa tha kya kahan kisne racha tha..us pal toh agam achal jal bhi kahan tha", which implies "Before life, there wasn’t any galaxy nor was the sky, everything was hidden.” A path breaker was this title track!!

Mano Ya Na Mano: The Ekta Kapoor show that did not start with the letter ‘K’, isn’t it, strange? Well, maybe this is one reason why the track was so mesmerizing and certainly succeeded in sending down a chill through your spine with its unusual lyrics and creepy visuals. The title track so very well complimented the theme of the series, which was based on stories beyond explanation, with the lyrics, “Mano ya na mano lekin shama yeh jalti hai”..

Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin: The shocking pink colored umbrella that Jassi aka Mona Singh opened up as the title track was played, the very sight of her braces, the way she used to smile while waiting for her bus, even to the people who mocked at her look was just mind blowing. To compliment this, was the melodious music and lyrics which goes, “Hum jaise lakhon hain par jassi jassi koi nahin”, truly highlighted the character beyond expectation. Well, it’s half the battle won, if you are able to attract the audience with the title track, isn’t it?

Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi: The most popular show from the Ekta Soap Factory which stood out in every department, from its title track to its novice story and unusual name! The title track with the Bahu of the House, Tulsi welcoming the audience to pay her visit into her adobe, and the manner in which she introduced every member of her family showcased the rich Indian culture that says, “Athithe Devo Bhava”. The title track with very normal and familiar lyrics surely deserves a place in our countdown for its simplicity!!

Left Right Left: The most chic, hip and happening Title track of the recent years, which can give any movie song a run for its money!! The Music Directors, Vishal and Shekar score 10 on 10 on the music, while the equally crisp and crunchy direction of the title track with the helicopter to the cadets walking thro’ sand in their usual trendy clothes, made for a beautiful picture on the whole!

Annu Ki Ho Gayee Wah Bhai Wah: Another title track which is very different and enduring to watch, with food all over and the protagonist shown making various dishes leaves the audience mouth-watery! The lyrics is also very apt with all the necessary ‘Makhan’ and ‘Malai’ added to it, and the picturisation with the protagonist wearing jewellery made from chillies and nimbu, just speaks of the novel idea introduced with the title track.

Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa: A dance based reality show where the newer version of the title track was more trendy and different, surely scored high when compared to the title track of Nach Baliye! They had the courage and vision to experiment with its already popular track and took it ahead by miles! Mika’s voice in the title track of Season 2 surely added the ‘Tadka’ which attracted the audience of all ages, class and culture, and the celebrities dancing to the track was like the ‘Icing on the Cake’..

Dill Mill Gayye: "Hum toh Chale the dost ban key Jane kahan Dil mill Gayye"…The success of every show lies in the manner in which the story lives up to the title track or phrases used in the track, and this show does exactly the same! The introduction of every character, with Armaan on his bike hinting to the girls that he is a ‘casanova’, Atul with his sweet and innocent face, a typical small town guy, Muskaan with pictures of guys in her box, and Riddhima depicting a soft introvert look is amazing! A clear thought in mind, a story well-planned that reflects in the title track too, here lies the formula to success!

This is our list, friends!! Do you have your list ready?

Author: Nishtha

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Comments (95)

my list goes 1. kaisa yeh pyar hain 2. kitni mohabbat hai(season 2"mahiya") 3. kya hadsaa kya haqeeqat 4. zara nachke dikha2 5. kitni mohabbat hain(season 2"saanso") 6. miley jab hum tum(full version) 7. ghar ek mandir 8. kitni mohabbat hai season 1 9. yeh rishtaa kya kehlata hai 10. karam apna apna 11. banoo main teri dulhan

12 years ago

can any1 pls gv me link 2 download amber dhara title track.. plss

14 years ago

How can u miss out Saarthi? it had one of d best title tracks of all times

15 years ago

hmm...I liked

Kohinoor, Tumhari Disha, Jabb Love Hua, Woh Rehne Waali Mehlo Ki,Pyaar ke Do Naam Ek Raadhe Ek Shyaam, Banoo Main Teri Dulhan,Kkutumb,Love Story,Ardhangini & Kuchh Is Tara...

are some nice Track I like thats all I can remember right now on top of my head lolz

16 years ago

Kavyanjali,Kasautii Zindagi Kii,Kohinoor,Kya Hadsaa Kya Haqeeqat,Kaahin Kissi Roz ought to be in the list.

Also Milan.

16 years ago

remix title track created ripples in d entire nation wich ought to be here tooo

16 years ago

KOHINOOR AND pyaar ke do naam ek raadha ek shyaam deserves to be in the list

16 years ago

hey don't you think kasamh se, saath phere, amberdhara, teen bahuraaniyaan, ardhangini, khwaish, kuch is tara and many more are better than few of the tracks listed above. Viruddh too had a nice track which went very well with the theme of the show.

16 years ago

ohhh...fr me its Luv stry al da way..it hd superbbbbb title trak...perfectly goin wyt da story..tuje main dhundta firu...meri har chaahat hai tu...perhaps it hs bin da only title trak of a shw fr wich i hav falen fr:)

16 years ago

i loved the title trac of LOVE STORY SABTV

16 years ago

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