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Tinseltown's Fairytales!

So grab some popcorn and tighten your seat-belts as we take you for a rollercoaster ride through Bollywood's very own fairyland.


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The innocence of fairytales has always captured the imagination of one and all, child or otherwise. While they've come to life in our subconscious, the silver screen is perhaps the most successful medium that brings us as close to these fairytales as possible. It brings to life the characters on tabloid and gives flight to our imagination, giving it a ride towards infinity. This week BollyCurry is trying its hand at sketching for the readers a picture of how the Prince and Princesses would be if they originated from our very own B-Town. So grab some popcorn and tighten your seat-belts as we take you for a rollercoaster ride through Bollywood's very own fairyland.

Beauty and the Beast

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If our film industry ever decides to recreate the magic of the story of the simpleton who was compelled to get hitched to a beast for her father's well-being but ends up transforming him instead, there would be no one better than the gorgeous Shraddha Kapoor for the role. Kapoor can effortlessly portray the soft yet courageous Belle. As for the vicious beast whose heart is ironically filled with the warm and fuzzy feeling called love, the name that floats to the top of our list is of none other than that of Arjun Kapoor. Given his career graph, he is qualified brilliantly to play the hard-edged guy who, despite his rude antics, manages to charm one and all with the kindness in the wake of his actions. The pair has the potential of setting ablaze the screen with the intensity of the chemistry they would exuberate.
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

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"Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?" There is no answer acceptable other than Snow White, the damsel as white as snow and as beautiful as they come, who falls prey to her stepmother's evil intentions of being the most beautiful one in the world. The tinsel town also has a personalized Snow White in the attractively innocent Anushka Sharma and a debonair prince in Shahid Kapoor who could kiss her to life. The audience has been a witness to the couple's stunning pairing and casting them for this tale would create an alltogether new tale that could be narrated for years to come.

The Little Mermaid

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After incredibly playing a misfit amongst the royals, the character of the vivacious and fun-loving mermaid who makes a big sacrifice to reach out to her beloved, without a doubt, can only be portrayed by the industry's fashionista Sonam Kapoor. Kapoor shall hit the bulls eye when it comes to playing the red-head beauty Ariel. Her prince Eric, who turns into a hardcore sailor when storms hit the sea and personifies strength, is best seen in Gurmeet Choudhary. It may be quite an unusual pairing, but the two might just surprise people given the fact that they're both talented actors.


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Rapunzel was the name given to the wild and adventurous lass who let go of all inhibitions once she managed to break through the shackles of the tower she was locked in. All these remind us of an actress who has excelled in experimenting with different roles, Priyanka Chopra. She's always had an out-of-the-box thinking and has broken from the restraints of doing the usual. We'll also tread the unusual by opting for Disney's notorious thief Flynn opposite Rapunzel instead of the customary prince. For this role, we have Bollywood's chocolate boy Aditya Roy Kapur, whose boyish charms and liveliness when put together with Chopra's zest for life shall produce a lethal effect for the audiences. Gothel will be best portrayed by the yesteryear actress Rekha whose gusto for beauty only magnifies with every passing day.

Sleeping Beauty

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The thought of magical fairies coming to bless your birth with their best wishes leads the mind to think of the dazzling splendour named Jacqueline Fernandes. With naivety caressing her every feature, Fernandez shall prove to be a serene and soothing sight as Aurora, the sleeping princess while she's asleep, and otherwise. Sidharth Malhotra shall be her gutsy prince who crosses many obstacles, including the forest full of thorns, to wake his lady love to the miracles of life. This is one movie we would advise catching for all those who appreciate the flavour of action in a romantic tale.

Red Riding Hood

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Far from your typical romantic fairytale, the story of the young and carefree girl hopping down the forest with her Red Riding Hood seems appropriate in Bollywood only if the girl is no one but Alia Bhatt. She exudes the perfectly innocent and trusting vibe to make the perfect Red Riding Hood. Awaiting the bubble of joy to turn her into his supper is the dangerous and merciless wolf depicted by the devilishly talented Ranveer Singh. Regardless of the antagonistic nature of his character, Singh can manage to woo the ladies and their men too. The sweet yet perilous pairing of the two can be expected to rewrite history in golden letters.


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When it comes to the notorious and witty thief catapulting through the streets of Baghdad with his pet monkey in tow, there's only Bollywood's mischief master Varun Dhawan who could pull it off. An exceptional blend of cuteness and naughtiness, Dhawan could slide into the character very smoothly with ease. On the other hand, Baghdad's princess who never fails to surprise anyone around her, brave at heart and yet delicate in her demeanour, Genelia Dsouza is the perfect choice for Jasmine. Dhawan and Dsouza are as close to chalk and cheese as possible, but the magic that they are capable of weaving is better left to be seen than talked about.


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For the final tale of the day, we have the most awaited story of the girl-next-door, the plain-jane Cinderella. Having suffered all her life at the hands of her evil step-mother and two step-sisters, we believe Deepika Padukone is the finest actress to render the joy of breaking through that atrociousness. Her Prince Charming who leads her out of the miserable life, who is determined to fight all and sundry for his lady love and manages to locate her amongst thousands is none other than the versatile actor Ranbir Kapoor. There is no doubt that the two make a stunning pair, and we're very sure that their chemistry will only add to the intensity on the screen.
The image of our favorite actresses in exquisite long gowns and the actors donning grand weapons leads us back to a world which we wish never had an end. The aura of magic, living in the world of the mystic and enchantment has turned the writer nostalgic and wistful of the memories that reading the fairytales and watching them onscreen had fashioned. On this thoughtful note, BollyCurry signs off inviting you all to set free your ideas for the magical tales of Bollywood and share them with us in the space below.

Writer: Pooja B.
Editors: Ritchelle C. and Gunia K.
Graphics: Shikha A.

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