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Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down : May 14-19

Catch the weekly twists and turns in the serials brought about to capture its audience. A thumbs up where the audience likes the track and a thumbs down where it fails to meet the expectations...

Published: Monday,May 21, 2007 19:28 PM GMT-06:00
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Thumbs up or Thumbs Down - A weekly column in our News Hub - Telly Buzz that will give the latest twists and turns in the serials brought about to capture its' audience. A thumbs up is where the audience likes the track and a thumbs down is where it fails to meet the expectations. So watch out every week to see Aye and Naye By the Crazy Creatives.

Thumbs Up

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Ghar ki Lakshmi Betiyaan: The serial is getting better and better with each passing week. The cold war between Menka and Pavitra is very captivating so are the Bahivshya and Saraswati hide and seek game! Thumbs up all the way as the story is somehow unique unlike other shows!

Doli Saje Ke: It may sound like Cinderella and movies of yester years, but there is some charm in the show which attracts you towards it. The first week is truly a good one. Some scenes seem like one is watching a fairytale. All in all, a nice start! Arura Irani hits a bull's eye once again!

Maayka: The show is absolutely a treat now that Shabd, played by Vivan, is part of the show (the character was introduced some weeks ago & the actor is said to be sexy by many gals). The marriage of Shabd & Mahi & Veer's return on the show makes Maayka a must see!

Jeetein Hai Jiske Liye will go off air by next week because of low TRP ratings. But, the show concluded properly before going off air unlike others who disappeared on one fine day.

Kaajjal: The serial got a new life, as after several weeks of wait, Dev is Back!

Thumbs Down

Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi: The serial should be called BLOOPERS PARADISE as each and every minute you can spot one. Eklavya's character is getting darker and darker without any grave circumstances! All the bahus are playing dirty tricks with Tulsi. How can members of the family can point a finger at Tulsi for stealing a jewellery?That's really obnoxious and a total let down!

Banoo Mein Teri Dulhan: Nothing seems to be going right as far as Dulhan is concerned. Creatives are confused and are playing ini mini mina mo as whether to make Sagar normal or not. Story is stuck at place and is quite stale. Nothing has changed from the past 2-3 months. Sagar is in the mental asylum now while Vidya is crying ..God Bless Dulhan!

Kasamh Se: The show is dragging and seems to go no where. The new track with Bani as Durga is pointless and so is Ronit Roy's character chanting non stop slogans of Ramayan. One would have thought that the writers would have come up with a better storyline to showcase these powerful actors.

Kasturi: The new show in Star Plus Kasturi seems to be doing the same thing. Bad boy turns good. The heroine is too good to be true and when she is about to get married, the famous cassanova turns seedha saddha ladka and wants to marry her. Can these creative head think something out of the box please?.

Mamta: Viewers were anticipating a leap, but instead it got an extreme makeover. Instead of one leap, viewers are now forced to see 2 leaps in just 2 weeks! How we wish the script writers took an even bigger leap and decided to end the serial. This would have indeed brought a smile back on the viewer!!

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Pri @pc84 16 years ago my god.. i agree.. the show is going no where.. and i am soo sad cuz if that TRPs go the way they are. the show might end up on the cancellation list.. which is sad cuz the show has soo much potential to be strong!!!~

the creative need to make bani/durage into a fercious lioness while transform Jai Walia into a ferious tiger that doesn't go into lolipop land when he sees his wife!!

UFF! WAKE UP CREATIVES!! you have to do something to make this show interesting again!!

luv pri
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*4rom heaven*
Zainab @*4rom heaven* 16 years ago where is kyph??????????????
should defintly b in the thumbs up
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fm05 @fm05 16 years ago Excellent analysis! Perfect verdicts. Kajal has a new lease of life now that her main man is back to woo her.
Kyunki is getting regressive and reverting back to the same saas-bahu saga.
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Hemalatha @LOVE_APURVA 16 years ago Apu...at his passionate best..!!awwwww..Surveen..is simply gorgeous..Yessss..the story is really ..speeding now..withlot of complications yet inbetween very passionate..The Hot pair of Dev & Kajjal..simply rocks..!!
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Mansi bhatia @-Mansi- 16 years ago Kooool.....i wud give dis...[:Y:]
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dipti @Cool_Dipti 16 years ago Wow!..DSK is just rocking!!!..way 2 go Barkha!
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Pooja @cool_pooja 16 years ago Since i dunt have zee, i can just agree abt Kyunki, and Kajaal.. However im finding kasturi better.. But not enough to be rated thumps up..
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sneha @*~sneha~* 16 years ago yea maayka is doing gr8 !!! completely agree abt kyunki..all these bahus have no other work..therz nothing left to watch in kyunki!!! and also mamta is just being dragged!!!

gud job!
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Leena @jigglypuff726 16 years ago i agree with each & every word. esp about mamta & dulhann. great job with the compilation!
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Prerna @Subaltern 16 years ago yes agreed on all counts but kyunki doesnt even deserve thumbs down, how about stinky feet and smelly socks down? lol... its torture, god-awful, get it off air pls
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