THIS actress will play the lead in Sanjay Kapoor's 'Bedhab'

'Bedhab' a digital film, directed by Akash Goila, is slated for May 2019 release.

Known for helming short films Dark Brew (2017), and 22 Awards winner Dum Dum Dumroo (2018) with one award in Hollywood and London each, writer-director Akash Goila is all set for his grand digital film Bedhab. The film earlier starred Pooja Chopra but now will see Karishma Kotak as a female lead. Actors Sanjay Kapoor, and debutant Aashish Sachdeva are the male leads in the film.

Director Akash Goila clears the air and says, "It is unfortunate to replace Pooja Chopra. This is very common in the industry that sometimes we have to replace actors. The only reason for the change is on pure creative grounds and in the best interest of the film and the actor"

Earlier, talking about the film, director Akash Goila says, "I always wanted to make films on social causes though not very preachy and serious. I feel the audiences should understand and relate with the issues. The title of the film, Bedhab, means odd and it deals with the issue of smoking habits and interestingly it isn't focusing on cancer rather have a nice different take on it."

Bedhab has been entirely shot in Greece and is slated for May 2019 release.

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