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Think before you Vote: Indian Idol

Exercise your voting rights properly. Support TRUE TALENT!

Published: Friday,Jun 15, 2007 13:52 PM GMT-06:00
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Exercise your voting rights properly. Support TRUE TALENT! It’s a singing contest and by god, singing talent should be the winner. So gals and guys, don’t look into the eyes of the Indian Idol contestants, don’t look at their clothes and hair and smile, close your eyes to all extraneous factors and give a chance to true singing talent to show the world that music indeed lives in our blood.

Siddh_V, an India-Forums.com Member, an active member of the Indian Idol Forum urges all the members and all viewers of the Indian Idol 3 to support true talent. Inspired by the Sanjaya Malakar saga in American Idol, Siddharth Vohra refused to keep silent on hearing that a WILD CARD ENTRY round was planned in Indian Idol 3. An unheard of phenomenon hitherto in the show, it appears to be a ploy by the Channel to raise the TRPs, but Siddharth assures them that TRPs is not the worry, they have it now and it will rise with passing rounds. He urges the channel to give talent a true chance. And with him are all his friends who have signed the online petition.

Here is your chance to exercise your VOTE. Use it right, promote Talent. Join the online movement to make a difference in the show.
Think before you Vote: Indian Idol


We also took some comments from regular viewers of Indian Idol on this issue.

Connie from Dubai

We don't want an undeserving person to come in place of someone talented. Since this is a reality show and you have promised us to give us "Bharat Ki Shaan" please do reconsider your decision. Due credit must be given to a talented singer. Please do reconsider your decision.

Sarah from India

This is an earnest request to not insult the sanctity of music itself by promoting a "singer" like Suhit Gosain. It is truly sad and heartbreaking to see a country like India, who have produced the gems of world music today, promote Suhit Gosain on such a prestigious platform like Indian Idol. Hope our voice is heard.

Natasha from Canada

Although Suhit is a talented performer, the same cannot be said with his singing. If he tries out for II4, I am guessing he would be better then. For now, I don't think he deserves to be back.

Maya from USA

Suhi doesn't have what we would call 'Bharat Ki Shaan'. He has no knowledge of sur, laya or taal and I as an audience feel cheated to see him among finalists. Idol is not about yo-yo and rock but the one who can sing and connect to you through his voice. If I close my eyes then I should be touched by the voice and song. So I request judges to not select him over better singers and if he gets in then hope audience doesn't repeat judge's mistake.

Paloma from UK

From the beginning of the show, the judges have stressed that Indian Idol is primarily a platform for finding a good singer. The top ten chosen this year (I'm discounting Jolly since she is from last year) all have enormous potential as singers. Some good singers had to leave, but those who are left are still very good. Now if a chance is to be given to the wild card candidates, they should be of the same caliber as the top ten. Some of them, such as Bhavin, Aisha may measure up. Suhit, for all his rockstar attitude etc, is an average singer. There is no chance of his miraculously becoming a brilliant singer in the next few weeks. So saddling the top ten with a Suhit would be grossly unfair. It would bring about more comparison of attitude, x-factor, personality etc, and in the midst of all this controversy, the primary goal, that of finding a good singer, will be lost. This year, Indian Idol promises to truly churn out some great singing talent, we should not lose out on that because of Suhit.

Author: Shazna
Contact Author: PM Buttercup
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Shiza javed @shizajaved 16 years ago agree w/ cool_puja. No offence to the writers but it was focusing a lot on Suhit..

But loooook, Suhit's gettin so much of importance everywhere ;)
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Iqra @Mrs.SalmanKhan 16 years ago I agree w/ Prakriti, instead of just having talkz w/ Suhit dislikerz maybe u could`ve asked sum suhitianz there opionionz on this topic, & yeh arent thingz too hard on suhit alredii? esp. wid Javed ji practicly killing the poor guy..?
but really good written butter=D
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penpen @penpen 16 years ago i completely agree wid u gauri. u spoke my mind
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Gauri Sharma @gauri92 16 years ago Well.......I think we are being too harsh on Suhit. He's been taunted by Javed saab in every way....and yeet he doesn't break down and complain like teh rest of the contestants...just continues working hard. Indian idol has been copied from an american concept....and yes, Indian Idol is there to search for a good singer, but that singer should also be someone with the X-factor and personality in them....someone who has it in them to compete in teh musical industry...which isn't all that sweet a place to be in.....
where are our previous Indian idols??? Have they disappeared or something??? Why arent they taking the music world by storm....as the idols in the other countries do????
I agree that yes, suhit isnt al that great s singer RIGHT NOW, and i stress on right now....because he has constantly improved...and if he gets a chance...i'm quite sure he will continue to improve. We need a complete pacakage....not just a voice...but someone who can be attached to that voice for their charisma, personality and yes....i would say that X-factor is part of the pacakge. Thats just how it is now days....i don't think that hte Indian Idol is chosenjust for playback singing....he/she has to be a performer and should be able to make teh audience groove an dfeel interested.
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Pooja @cool_pooja 16 years ago A very baised way of presenting an article. No offence to the writers, or the reporters, they are all frnds of mine, and im must say an awesome article, but its just pin-pointing at suhit and that is very wrong and might hurt the feelings of suhitians of IF. Im dissapointed from the article.
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illuminated. @illuminated. 16 years ago Amazing article!!Great work Butter di*Claps*
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Prakriti Singh @prakriti 16 years ago great writing.
but i think that focusing on one contestant isnt exactly fair.
And if that was needed, then the article should have included some sort of interview with some suhit supporters as well.
but great article nonetheless.
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Spandana @*Spandana* 16 years ago hey, the article sense is very good. but comments on one particular singer and tht too all having same opinions looks only biased. there r soo many of his fans out there..
article theme :) but content :(
and i am not a suhit fan
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henna @~RexKiRani~ 16 years ago i hope they listen and get good singerssssss innnn like bhavin or ayeshaaaaa
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amal 7leh
amal @amal 7leh 16 years ago i guess da voting should b done fairly.....
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