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'They dumped 5-6 tankers of water on us,' Navin Sen.

Kahaani's newest entry, Naveen Sen, who replaced Jeetu Malkani as Pranay recently, shares how his debut has been in one of the most popular serials on Indian TV – Kahani Ghar Ghar ki.

Published: Wednesday,Sep 19, 2007 10:32 AM GMT-06:00
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Sweet, polite and full of positive energy is how one can best describe the newest entrant in the Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki family, Naveen Sen. Not at all like the villain he portrays on screen. With the aspirations of becoming a film star, the role of Pranay fell into his kitty when Jeetu Malkani made his exit from the show. Telly Buzz reporter Minnie talks to the outgoing actor in a one on one.

They dumped 5-6 tankers of water on us,  Navin Sen.
How did this role happen?

I had auditioned for a couple of roles for Balaji before this, but none clicked as I was not sure if I wanted to do it. The notable one was the lead in Kasturi. Then I was offered this role, and it had a kind of challenge that I wanted, and I took it up.

So why did you turn down Kasturi?

I did not exactly turn it down. I was in a dilemma whether I wanted to do a role like that, because it had nothing that was special. In most serials, the scope that actors get is so limited, that it’s difficult to play a character which is different. This indeed is a great opportunity for me as it is my first serial.

Any particular preparations that you did for this role?

Nothing in particular, but I do believe in homework. Homework is necessary… Besides I was stepping into an already established role which was previously being done by Jeetu Malkani. With a chocolaty face that I have, it becomes difficult to look villainous. So I had to work at that too

What's your take on this Pranay - Maithali situation?
They dumped 5-6 tankers of water on us,  Navin Sen.

As Naveen, I cannot relate to it. I am opposite to what Pranay is, as I am very positive in my life, and have some basic principles and values that I never compromise with. However, even as Naveen, I feel that there are some circumstantial things which have contributed to making him a negative. Which male can ever tolerate his wife having an affair with another man who is living in the same house? But as Navin, I would never beat my wife.

Your character is head strong against Parvati, how are you handing the track?

When I perform, everyone is just a character to me. Thankfully I don’t get intimidated by personality, maybe because I have been doing theatre from childhood and have worked with some big names, and I have learned that no matter who you are, it’s your performance that counts.

How was your first day on the sets with Sakshi and the KGGK team?

Saakshi Tanvar came the first day to my van and said ‘welcome to my family’. The comfort level doubled….the whole team is so co operative, it’s amazing. As I am very new, I sometimes don’t know who is who, and they keep introducing themselves to me saying ‘I am Bua’, ‘I am chacha’ and so on. They behave like a family. Maybe that is why pople relate to them so much.

Any incident, while shooting, which comes to your mind?

They dumped 5-6 tankers of water on us,  Navin Sen.
Yes, it happened last week. My character Pranay comes to know his wife is pregnant and he beats her up. The shot required hitting her in the rain. So the production people got some 5-6 water tankers and they dumped all that water on us. At the end of it, I was exhausted, frozen and miserably wet. It was really funny the things that I had to go through for that one scene. But it was fun, and I learned so much from it.

How has it been working with Balaji so far?

See, I have heard from many that actors have it very tough in Balaji. That, they are overworked and don’t get any rest or breaks, fall sick etc etc. To be honest, I do agree with it, but then, I am a very positive person. If I only look at the downsides, then I will never be happy. I have to find happiness within. So I think of Balaji as a school for all the beginners. It’s a training ground for anyone who wants to stay in this industry for a long time, because once you have woked in Balaji, you are never going to have any work related problems. You will be get used to the hard work, never have any trouble with punctuality and long hours of shoot will never bother you.

Future aspirations?

Films, definitely. I want to play great characters, not necessarily a hero, like Saif in Omkara, where inspite of not being the lead, you hold your own and leave your distinctive mark. I want to play defined characters where you stand on your own.

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pomegranate @pomegranate 16 years ago he plays the characer of pranay better then jeetu.
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maha786 @maha786 16 years ago This content is hidden.
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Krithika @maha_prakrti 16 years ago Thanks for the article... Hope he does a good job.. All the best
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Yuvika @Yuvika_15 16 years ago lo..its amazing hw all the first india's best cine stars ki khoj participants hav joined balaji telefilms... hehe..i find it soo funny
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Sofia @Lovely-Maiden 16 years ago how mean...

which male can tolerate affair of hsi wife...

is this fellow forgetting that pranay fellow had an illicit relation with another woman first so his wife was to
emotionally tie up with someone else and fall in love..raping her, beating her, machinating against her, enslaving her...is eh supporting this sick degrading actions. this character of pranay did much more than physical nd sexual assault..basically wife being the pair ki juti thing was hatable. and hsi wife is in love with someone not doing ayashi, and i think love is always pure regardless of norms and institutions and formality... and with a mosnter of a husband what else one to do?
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Krishi @knumnum 16 years ago Excellent article!!! Iam happy tat he turned down Kasturi as i cant think of any other person who can play Robbie so well as Karan Patel...

Thank u
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*mittu* @*mittu* 16 years ago I was not at all impressed by his portrayal of Pranay. I felt Jeetu was much better.(even though he was also not good when he was positive).
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Sanz @smartc 16 years ago Awesome article! He looks so different and refreshingly well groomed and nice in the picz taken. His role in the serial portrays him as just the opposite. So its good to see his real avatar. Thanxx for sharing :)
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