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'The wait is over and i am back here for you all': Sharad Malhotra.

Tellybuzz in talks with Sharad Malhotra...

The dashing and extremely talented actor of the daily soap 'Banoo Main Teri Dulhann': Sharad Malhotra is all back with  bang with his up coming movie 'From Sydney with Love'.

How do you feel acting from small screen to now in films?

Definitely it is like a dream come true for me. People always like to grow in whatever they do, it feels great when you do good things in life and I am grateful that I got the opportunity to act in a movie. I love acting and portraying my talent on a big screen is like: I have no words to explain, I am totally overwhelmed. It's a beautiful dream and I don't want to wake up.

How has your experience been while acting in a film now?

It has been an amazing experience for me, which has taught me a lot and made me more professional in my work. I have been working for the movie for 8months and trust me it has been a cake walk for me. There were hurdles too but it all moved on with challenges to be and I enjoyed it a lot. I have worked a lot hard on my character and executing the scenes. I as a new comer in the industry got my songs sung by Mohit chauhan and Mika Singh: what could I ever ask in for more, versatile music. My co-actors were just way too amazing and supportive. I find myself lucky. Overall I should say it was a superb experience for me which I will take all through my life. Unforgettable and the most memorable. (smiles).

What is the difference between telly acting and filmy acting?

Acting is all about reacting. When I have amazing co-actors with me, my work is easier. I had to work with all new actors in the film as they all were new comers but commendable to say a great support and without them it wouldn't have had been possible and easier. There was never a competition whether who is better, it was just a fun learning phase. Wherein when I was in tellywood industry it was no different than Bollywood acting just that tellywood acting is louder than Bollywood, it is  slightly under plighted. In short where in television I had to give my 100%, in Bollywood it is sorted with 80%(not in regarding with performance) due to more updated techniques used in production.

Can you give me a gist of your role in the movie 'From Sydney With Love'?

My character portrays a typical Delhi Munda who is typical happy go lucky kind. Happens to fall in love at first sight. Enjoys his life to the fullest with his group of friends. And the movie portrays a dramatically friendship story line. Umm for the rest please watch my film in the theatre (laughs). I hope I can live up to all my viewers' expectation on big screen too.

Which are your favorite actresses from the Bollywood industry with whom you wish to act?

I like Parineeti Chopra: she is beautiful and her acting is just amazing, even being a new comer she doesn't let that come in the roles that she plays. She follows professionalism. So also does Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma and Priyanka Chopra: Talented, smart, superb and spontaneous in their performance. Kareena Kapoor we see is also a fantastic actor who is ruling Bollywood nowadays. I wish to act with them, but firstly I need to polish my acting more to the best and total professional.

Do you miss television?

Yes I do miss television a lot; it has been my first love. I am really proud to be a part of television industry. People call it an Idiot box but it truly is a Genius Box. Television has its own magic on people, that today most of our population just cannot do without television because it rules.

Any plans of coming back to television?

As I previously said television is my first love, so I definitely will come back if I get a good project in hand further but now it is just 'From Sydney With Love'. Gone are the days when people used to do only television and couldn't do movies, today anything and everything is possible. I am thankful to television and I respect it whole heartily.

What kind of role would you want to play in future?

Audience always wants to see the different kinds of role an actor can portray. Well I am all open to challenges so I would want to try on all the roles be it romantic, thriller etc. As people appreciated me in my daily soap 'Dulhan', I will see to it that I live up their expectation in any role that I take up in future.

What is the difference between the reel and real Sharad Malhotra?

Real: I am totally a guy next door, chilled out and desi at heart. I am a very simple person who enjoys his cup of tea, like being online and chatting with friends and love watching movies. I am not at all a party person; I don't like going clubbing much. I am a homely body and like hanging out with friends at times and going on long drives. I am totally an impatient person so I am not into reading at all.

Reel: When the camera goes on I am totally a different person. Transformation happens on its own. Whenever I play a character I just can't imagine the start that I can do it but when the camera roles it just happens. I am unaware of what exactly happens but I am glad to see a different Sharad. As the camera does it work my batteries get charged and works according to the remote control. Professionalism flows.

A quote to your awaiting Fans?

The wait is over now and here you will see more and more of Sharad Malhotra now. I am thankful to all my fans for believing in me so much and loving me too. I am back to entertain you people and I hope I live up to your expectations which you'll on me. I have worked hard in my movie hope you all like it and appreciate it too. Do watch my movie 'From Sydney With Love'.

Tellybuzz wishes Sharad Malhotra all the best for his up coming Movie 'From Sydney With Love'.

Reporter and Author: Krishma Solanki.


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DivianTanz_Divz 8 years ago That's great.
But I would love to see you with Divyanka much and in small screen. You know, big screen is too much glamorous and complex. I want you to remain the simple Sharad.
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SHarad is BACK!!!!!!!

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