The show is so interesting that it would make you want for more: Sugandha Mishra on Goodnight India

Sugandha Mishra is in the house! Join the comedy megastar for a night of fun and laughter only on Goodnight India.

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Sugandha Mishra

The word ‘funny’ just got funnier as Sugandha Mishra joins Amit Tandon and Jiya Shankar for a night of burlesque and laughter. Goodnight India brings to the table feel-good, unparalleled humor to be enjoyed by the entire family. While we have seen Sugandha keep the audience rolling with laughter with her patent mimicries and songs, we will see a brand-new side of her on the show- more candid, more personal that ultimately promises more fun and laughter.

Sugandha Mishra is one such jewel in the world of comedy gracing the stage of Good Night India and her impeccable comic timing is going to pave the way for a legendary night. This episode will also bring forth another side of her comic style, as she will embrace herself and express her thoughts in the funniest way possible.

A very excited Sugandha Mishra says, “It feels great to come here and be a part of Sony SAB’s Goodnight India. I have been following this show right from the first episode and the show is so interesting that it would make you want for more. I really wanted to be a part of the show and now that I’m here, I'm very excited".

She added, "I have watched Amit’s performance on a lot of social media platforms and I really like his acts because he does clean comedy, there are a lot of family connection in his acts. And now that I am married, I can actually relate his jokes to my personal life, and it is so funny when that happens. Meeting him today, in person, was extremely fun! Today, after a really long time I am a part of a segment such as this, and that too in my own skin. It was very tough as I haven't done any mimicry or sang any songs. Today was just about me expressing my own thoughts and I would urge the audience to tune in to Good Night India and come laugh with us.”

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