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The real test of two lovers is when a third person enters: Karan Suchak on entering 'Na Umra Ki Seema Ho'

Karan Suchak, who has recently entered Star Bharat's popular show 'Na Umra Ki Seema Ho,' got in an exclusive conversation with India Forums and spoke about bagging the show, his character and a lot more.

Published: Tuesday,May 16, 2023 14:18 PM GMT-06:00
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Karan Suchak

Star Bharat's show 'Na Umra Ki Seema Ho,' has been receiving a lot of love. The show revolves around an unconventional love story of Dev and Vidhi and how despite all odds, the two of them stick together. 

Well, Karan Suchak has recently entered the show as Vidhi's ex lover and his entry is sure to spice things up. Talking about his character to us, Karan said, ''I cannot give away a lot about my character as of now but I can surely tell you that this character is totally different from all the character I have played until now. There is a slightly grey shade to my character in the show and this is the first time in my career that I am playing a grey shade. I am pretty excited.''

Further, when we asked Karan his views upon receiving acceptance from the audience after coming in between Dev and Vidhi's already established chemistry, the actor said, ''Yes I know it will be difficult for the audience of the show to accept this but I think the real test of two lovers is when a third person enters. How do they manage things when everything gets difficult. So lets see how Dev and Vidhi handle it all.''

We asked Karan what was it about his character that he decided to take it up and the actor said, ''I took this up because this character was very different from all the characters that I have played onscreen until now. When you do daily soaps, you are typecasted. This is the reason why I took this character up, because I wanted to do something new.''

Have you been following the show post Karan's entry? Let us know in the comments below. 

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tulip.johar 4 months ago Curious to see what Karan brings to the show in terms of his acting and character arc! NUKSH has showcased some good actors till now!
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