The Off-beat Sasu Maas of Television

Sonali Sachdev and Resham Tipnis talk about their interesting charactersin Zee TV’s upcoming show ‘Satrangi Sasural’

Versatile actors Resham Tipnis and Sonali Sachdev have carved a niche for themselves by slipping into every character with equal ease in the world of television, theater and films. Both are known to portray author-backed roles with flourish over the years. And they're back yet again to win audiences over with their roles in Zee TV's upcoming show-Satrangi Sasural, a show that tells the story of a girl who marries into a household with seven mothers-in-law.

Playing mothers-in-law to the leading lady Aarushi (Mugdha Chapekar), Sonali Sachdev and Resham Tipnis are the Maa & Buaa Maa to the hero Vihaan (Ravish Desai) respectively. Having worked together in the past, the two are glad to be working together in Zee TV's Satrangi Sasural with other prominent faces like Bhavana Balsawer, Sadiya Siddiqui, Resham Seth, Sheetal Thakkar, Sonali Sachdev and Samta Sagar along with veteran actor Farida Jalal

Playing a tomboyish, spinster saas, Resham says that she is eagerly looking forward to the audience response for her character as she has not attempted such a role before. about her character, she says, "I play the unconventional saas, who is not married yet has mothered Vihaan along with six other women who happen to stay under one roof due to various circumstances. I play the role of Mini Maa, who is Vihaan's youngest buaa and doesn't believe in the institution of marriage given all that she has seen her elder sister go through in her married life. A bubbly and vivacious personality, my character is a fitness freak and someone who doesnot shy away from hitting men who behave inappropriately with women. I will be seen riding bikes which was quite an interesting part of playing my character. I have put in my best efforts to make it look more realistic by working on the subtle nuances and mannerisms."

While Resham is the unlikely saas on the show, Sonali Sachdev plays the role of a calm and composed saas, who is Vihaan's biological mother. Talking about her character, Sonali says, "I play the character of Narmada Vatsal, even though her husband has left her without telling her, she is not bitter about life. Instead, she's raised Vihaan instilling in him, strong values to make him a loving, kind & compassionate human being. The concept of seven mothers-in-law seemed interesting and different from the average, run-of-the-mill fare one typically samples. That is what compelled me to opt for the role. I am sure everyone will be able to relate to the show and its believable characters. Working with Resham is a pleasure as she is an easy going and supportive co-star, we have worked together in the past and it was fun shooting with her again on this show. In fact all of us really look forward to shooting everyday as within a short span of time we have become a family on the sets."

Produced by 24 Frames, Satrangi Sasural has Ravish Desai and Mugdha Chapekar as the lead protagonists Vihaan and Arushi.  The show is being conceptualized and adapted by the renowned Purnendu Shekhar. Known for his ability to lend any concept his own unique, fresh treatment, interesting interpretations and layering of characters, Purnendu is bound to create a show that will captivate the audiences.  With not one ...but seven mothers doting on Vihaan (Ravish Desai), will Aarushi (Mugdha Chaphekar) think twice about accepting the challenge of marrying into a family of seven mothers-in-law and living up to their varied expectations? Only time will tell!

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As I am watching it Kannada It is different not like sas-bahu type...that is why I like it...other good point most of the shooting down out door location it looks so natrural

9 years ago

I wish all the best to the whole cast of satrangi sasural
it will be really lovely to see our mugz back on tv, Finally... :-D

9 years ago

xcited to see our MUGDHA CHAPHEKAR back onscreen :)

9 years ago

This Show Has An Amazing Star Casts, I Am Very Much Impressed With Its Casting, Purnendu Shekhar Is A Briliant Writter, The Plot Is Very Interesting, All The Best To The Whole Team Of Satrangi Sasural :-)

I Am Proud Of My Mugdha Di's Choice, Mugdha Chaphekar Is Back With A Bang!


9 years ago

because it wasn't bad enough that there was one saas in serials...smh

9 years ago

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11 years ago

you simply deserve first position hrithik, love you so much.

12 years ago

my favourite hero is in 1st place and he truly deserves that. love you hrithk.

12 years ago

you are the most deserving person for that title on the earth. love you.

12 years ago

he is the most sexiest person on the universe. love you duggu.

12 years ago

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