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The Lyric Bee: Name That Song!

BollyCurry is back so soon with the popular quiz The Lyric Bee: Name that Song! We, at BollyCurry, are once again eager to challenge your love for Bollywood music! Are you ready?

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The fans of Bollywood music love their lyrics! They may sing the songs off-key and screech their throats out while trying to impersonate their favorite singer, but they wouldn't dare get their lyrics wrong. And if anyone got it wrong, they won't hesitate to correct them either. That is why BollyCurry is back so soon with the popular quiz The Lyric Bee: Name that Song! We, at BollyCurry, are once again eager to challenge your love for Bollywood music! Are you ready?
For the first time readers, here is a simple introduction to the game. The Lyric Bee: Name That Song is about testing your Bollywood music knowledge and speedy recognition of the various Bollywood songs. Listed below are a few lines of three different Bollywood songs translated into English. Your task is to translate these lines into their original Hindi format and tell us which song the lyrics belong to. Sounds interesting, right? Then let's get going!
As summer is just around the corner, the March edition of Lyric Bee will feature songs that are lighthearted and breezy; in other words, just like how the weather of March would be!
A word of Caution: You have to translate the lines back into Hindi and then name the song in order for your answers to be correct.
First Song:
"As if time has fallen somewhere from the abode of clock
As if light gets separated from morning
As if someone steals melody out of song and poem
The same way half, incomplete, I am without you"
Second Song:
"Whose face is this that I see in every flower
Whose voice is this that I hear even when I am not listening
What sort of footsteps are these that approach?
What sort of dreams are they showing?
My heart, tell me, who is coming
Why is the breeze singing in such a manner?"
Third Song:
"Without you every moment was lonely
There was thirst on the lips all the time
There was no aim, there were no dreams,
There was vagrancy in life
You are my guide
My destination, my path
You are like a gift from God for me"
Before we take leave of you, here are the answers to the songs in previous edition of Lyric Bee: Name that Song!
1. "Kuch Toh Hua Hai" from Kal Ho Naa Ho (2003)
2. "Tenu Leke" from Salaam-e-ishq (2007)
3. "Dekho Na" from Fanaa (2006)
A round of applause for those who got it right!
So now what are you waiting for? Want to prove it once again that no one can beat your knowledge of Bollywood songs? Then go ahead and leave us your answers in the comments below. The answers to this month's songs will be revealed in the next edition of Lyric Bee. Until then, keep guessing and see you soon!
Writer: Kalpana K.C.
Editor(s): Mohini N. and Hershi J.
Graphics: Komal P.
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Fanaa  Salaam-e-ishq  Kal Ho Naa Ho 

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