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The Lyric Bee: Name That Song!

We are back with yet another edition, only for your entertainment!

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With the aim of indulging our music-loving readers, we presented The Lyric Bee: Name That Song and after seeing the overwhelming responses that our previous editions have been receiving, we are back with yet another edition, only for your entertainment. BollyCurry has now decided to make this a permanent fixture in our monthly musical lineup, so without any further adieu, here's presenting to you a Teachers Special to quench your thirst for music lyrics. Hurry up with your thinking cap and let the guessing begin!
For our first time readers, the title speaks for itself. The Lyric Bee: Name That Song is about testing your knowledge and speedy recognition of various Bollywood songs translations. No, don't get too excited just yet, there's always a catch! Listed below are a few lines of three different Bollywood numbers translated into English. Your task is to translate these lines into their original Hindi format, and tell us which song the lyrics belong to. Piece of cake, right? Then let's get to it!

A teacher is someone who encourages you to do better, inspires you to reach far in life, and makes you capable of reaching your goals in life. A guide cum a friend overall is what defines a teacher. This edition we at BollyCurry is dedicated to all the teacher's out there, who make a difference in our lives.

Please Note: It is important to first translate the lines and then name the song in order for your answers to be correct.

First Song
"Why is the world full of so many colors
Think about this
There colors are full of love
Someone has decorated this world
Because our world is so beautiful
The one who is up (God) must be some artist..."

Second Song
"Even if lovers should die, even if they are erased from this earth, their love will live on forever..."

Third Song
"(refrain) Oh traveler, oh traveler; oh traveler oh traveler
So keep moving, sustained only by your heart
The destination beckons
And look out, let no one distract you
With a call
(refrain) Oh traveler, oh traveler; oh traveler oh traveler..."

Before we bid adieu, here are the answers to the songs in the previous edition of  The Lyric Bee: Name That Song!

1. "Sandese Aate Hain" - Border (1997)
2. "Chak De India" - Chak De India (2007)
3. "Ye Jo Des Hai Tera" - Swades (2004)

Congratulations to all those who guessed the songs correctly!

What are you waiting for? Want to prove it all over again that no one can beat your knowledge of Bollywood songs? Then go ahead and drop your answers in the comments below. The answers to this week's songs will be revealed in our next edition, so until then, keep guessing and we'll see you soon!

Author: Fatima W.
Editor:  Sonia R.
Graphics: Shikha A.

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Border  Swades  Chak De! India 

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