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The industry sees the evil in me so I give them that : Kay Kay Menon

In an exclusive interview with, Kay Kay Menon speaks about his upcoming movies, his movies that were shelved and much more.

Published: Tuesday,Aug 26, 2014 15:04 PM GMT-06:00
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One of the most immaculate actors' in Bollywood, he who has truly won all the accolades and the audience hearts on the basis of sheer talent. In an exclusive interview with, Kay Kay Menon speaks about his upcoming movies, his movies that were shelved and much more.

You have four releases in this year, is it exciting or taxing?

It is exciting. It's a job already done and it's for posterity. It's unlike theatre, when we do, we are nervous about the next show. But here I am not nervous at all. It had happened once before when I had Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd, Black Friday and Life In A Metro released in the same year. This time I have taken a step further and it's four. May be the karmic stars just came together and thought lets bless his guy. (Laughs)   

Tell us about your role in Raja Natwarlal.

I am playing a business tycoon in the film, a guy who loves his money. He wouldn't like to be conned for his money, not even a rupee. He would kill for that. The whole story is about how this guy is tried to be conned, which could be quite a dangerous job.

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You have played such a role before; don't you think it could be repetitive?

No it can't ever be repetitive. Reason being, roles are finite by nature and characters are infinite. There is no conscious effort to make it different; it just has to be different because you are an actor. An actor should never play a role he should play a character. So I might play 10 business tycoons, but it will still be different, for the simple reason that I am playing that particular person and no two people are the same in the world.

At the trailer launch of Haider you said, "I keep the good side of me for the real world and the bad side of me for the films", why is that so?

It was said in jest, that the industry sees the evil in me so I give them that and I keep the good for life. What I meant was since I am getting the accolades for it, it's good (Laughs).

How easy is it for you to detach from this evil side and come back to your real self?

It's a part of me, there is nothing like external acting for me. All acting is internal, be it a humorous character, be it an extroverted character, or be a pompous character, it still is an internal process. So if I am evil it is from within me. I get into myself and search that evil side and present it to the world so that it seems true, otherwise it will never seem true on screen either. It's an actor's job to discover the spectrum of emotions that he has as a human being and deliver it from within so that it seems true.

How do feel, when you work for a particular film, but eventually it gets shelved?

My second film, Paanch didn't release. There were a number of trials kept; the whole industry has seen that film. It was Anurag's first film. It is perhaps the most seen and the most unreleased film. One feels sad, but it taught me a lesson very early in life, that, don't pin your hopes after a film you have done and over with. Ever since I have become dispassionately passionate about my films. I will be happy if my movie does well.

You sign a film for a character or for the script?

It is very subjective. The script of course you should find it interesting. You should be able to find a connect with the director, when you are speaking to him. Then of course the person I am playing should share a large amount of responsibility in the film. And the money should be okay. (Laughs)

Well, we hope and wish that all his four releases do a fabulous job at the box-office, and that you continue to enthral the audience in all your future endeavours.


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