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The chemistry and fans have made RaBul one of the magical on-screen Jodis: Mrunal and Arjit

TellyBuzz in conversation with Mrunal Thakur and Arjit Taneja.

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Pretty and bubbly actress Mrunal Thakur who plays Bulbul and the good looking hunk Arjit Taneja who is currently seen as Purab in Balaji Telefilms' popular show Kumkum Bhagya on Zee TV have gained immense popularity as RaBul amongst fans for sharing a magical chemistry on-screen.

Mrunal and Arjit also share a great bonding off-screen and never miss a chance to pull each other's leg and play pranks on each other. TellyBuzz spoke to Mrunal and Arjit to know more about their working experience with each other, their off-screen masti and much more. The much loved ArNal/RaBul also answer to fan questions...  

How has your working experience with each other been so far?

Mrunal - It's been great, too good and lovely so far.  

Arjit - It's been awesome with lots of ups and downs. So far it's going good and hope it will be good in the future as well.

Would you like to work together as on-screen couple in the future?

Mrunal - Yes, why not. We would love too!  

Arjit - Yes, definitely! We have been offered Yeh Hai Aashiqui so many times but we are unable to do it due to dates of KB. If we will be offered a show in future then we will do it.

Would you like to do Bigg Boss if offered?

Mrunal - Yes, why not.

Arjit - I will do it when I will have nothing to do.

Mrunal - I will do it because I feel you should experience everything in your career. It's very difficult to be in the house with some people with different personalities and play a game. So, you get to know dealing with people and judging them and there are so many good and bad things about it.

Arjit - I believe that there is a different time for doing a show like Bigg Boss. I have earlier done a mini version of Bigg Boss called Splitsvilla. I feel that reality shows are good for a star but I feel that I will do Bigg Boss only when I will have nothing to do.

What do you want to say to RaBul fans who wish to see both of your together on-screen?

Arjit - I would like to say to them that never lose hope.

Mrunal - Things may happen and things might not happen; you never know. So, don't keep any expectations and that's the best thing because if you will keep any expectation which won't get fulfilled then it will hurt you. If not in this show then definitely it will happen in some other show.

They shower lots of love for RaBul always...

Arjit - Thank you so much for your love and support. We feel blessed.

Mrunal - It's something which can't be measured. Even if we aren't shooting and our scenes are not there, they still continue to tweet us that they are missing us. It feels so good to read those messages and know that there is somebody with us who are waiting for us. What we are just because of them.

What kind of scenes both of you would like to do with each other in the future?

Mrunal - We have done lovey dovey scenes as of now. I personally want to do scenes like where I am angry on him and he comes and convinces me but only when our relation will go next level in the show like when we will be committed or get married in the show. One stage we have already passed and now I am looking forward to do next level of scenes.  

Arjit - I just want to do good, happy and fun scenes with everyone as I have cried a lot in these few days.

Share any crazy off-screen memory with each other?

Mrunal -When he was wearing his superman night suits and the batman pants were lying on the bed. So he was getting ready for the ice bucket challenge and we were getting ready for the ice to arrive. Meanwhile I wore that batman pant over my jeans and we started clicking pictures. I posted that on Instagram as well and fans were commenting how cool it would be both of you will wear in the scene but that will happen only if we will get married in the show (laughs). That was one cute off-screen moment.

Arjit - Sitting next to her while she was driving her car was a scary moment for us. She was driving the car for the first time and she was panicking so I was going along with her. The car got some scratches.

Mrunal - Police also caught us and then we convinced him saying we act in a show and we are going for our shoot (smiles). Now, I am driving nicely.

While enacting any scenes...

Mrunal - It happened while we were doing our dance rehearsals during the Daawt-E-Eid event.

Arjit - It was a great fun.

Mrunal - I had already rehearsed my part. We were being choreographed by different choreographers separately. So our steps were differing from each other. That was very funny but a nice moment. He looks cute while dancing; I like to watch him dancing.

What makes RaBul one of the magical on-screen Jodi?

Mrunal and Arjit - Chemistry and the fans.

Message to your fans...

Mrunal - We always love you. Never lose hope. I think you are the ones who were supposed to support us and be there for us like always.

Arjit - Thank you so much for loving us we love you all. Keep appreciating us.  

Anwesha Kamal

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.Shiva. 6 years ago Mrunal Thakur and Arjit Taneja rocks are bulbul and purab.
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shapa 6 years ago Wish we get to see Arjit Taneja and Mrunal Thakur in a new show as leads. Thank you IF & please giving us many more of their interviews. ...god bless you both
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LovelyLakshmi 6 years ago Arjit Taneja and Mrunal Thakur rocks as Purab - Bulbul. Please don't separate them in the show
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Anam... 6 years ago Mrunal Thakur & Arjit Taneja share amazing chemistry. Wish we get to see both of you in a new show as leads. Thank you IF & please giving us many more of their interviews.
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Ramisaa 6 years ago we love you arnal and we just want to see you guys together on screen and nothing else :)
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PRINCESS_ALISHA 6 years ago we love you My god. kumkum bhagya rocks. india forums rocks. rabul rocks
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.Shiva. 6 years ago want rabul asap cvs. it has been so long we hardly got any scene of there's this is not fair at all. Arjit Taneja and Mrunal Thakur you guys should do another show together as a lead. tired of this bias cvs. god bless both of u.
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-Piku- 6 years ago One of my most fav jodis Mrunal Thakur & Arjit Taneja great couple in Kumkum Bhagya as RaBul.
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forbidden 6 years ago Arjit Taneja and Mrunal Thakur rocks as rabul. i watch this show for them.
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shapa 6 years ago Arjit Taneja and Mrunal Thakur the best jodi ever...god bless you both
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