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The biggest problem in Bollywood is Unity - Akshay Kumar caught Akshay Kumar talking about BABY, managing four movies in a year, his equation with John Abraham and much more.

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Akshay Kumar-an actor known for giving maximum releases in a year and also manages to score a hit at box office with each release. This 'Khiladi' Kumar is teamed up with his 'Speical 26' director Neeraj Pandey for an action thriller BABY. India-Forums caught Akshay talking about BABY, managing four movies in a year, his equation with John Abraham and much more.

What is different in BABY which was not there in Holiday?

The main concept of 'Terrorism' is same in both the movies but that's where it ends too! Holiday was a complete fiction story whereas in BABY 4-5 real stories are woven together. In BABY, the storyline is different. The way the movie is portrayed is also different. Some time back in Delhi, 20-25 people were selected and trained by the high command only to fight terrorists. This group of highly skilled, intelligent people were kept undercover from the media too since it was a highly sensitive issue. This group was named as BABY because it was at a nascent level that time. Even I was surprised with the name, but then I came to know about this background. All these things were definitely not there in 'Holiday'.  

What research did you do for your role in BABY?

Neeraj told me not to do any research since he had already done it on all of our behalves, so I didn't do any research for this role as such. Cyril Raffaelli who was the action director for the Hollywood movie 'Transporter' had done action for this movie and we practiced with him for few days so it was easy while actually shooting the sequence in Istanbul.

It looks like you prefer to work with certain directors again and again- Vipul Shah and Neeraj Pandey. Comment.

It's for the simple reason that these directors are doing movies which I love to do. I did so many movies with Vipul, Priyadarshan and now doing my second film with Neeraj Pandey. I neither belong to any camp nor do I believe in any. If someone asks me about 'my camp', I always tell them that ''mujhe to bangla accha lagta hai, camp nahin!!' (I love staying in a bungalow than in a camp)

Will you be doing a cameo in Hera Pheri 3?

No, unfortunately I am not part of Hera Pheri 3. I was never approached for it in the first place.

You keep experimenting as far as the movie's action is concerned. So what new have you tried in BABY?

In BABY, we are using Octocopter Drone which gives you amazing shots. It comes where you can't use cranes or cameras. It gives you an eagle's point of view especially during the chase sequence. Talking about the action sequences, in BABY, they are real. It won't go beyond the character. That's the reason you won't see the hero taking down 10-15 people at the same time. 

Do you consider BABY as your toughest action role?

I have done action roles earlier also and BABY is definitely one of my favorite. I am doing a movie 'Brothers', which is my toughest action role.

You are the only actor in Bollywood who manages to give four movies a year. How do you do it?

Every movie takes minimum 60 days so leaving those 240 days rest of the days are holiday!!

After reaching this stage in life, do you still have any insecurity?

I don't have any fear or insecurities. Earlier also I didn't have any! My fear stays only from Friday night to Sunday night, by Monday morning, I am ok!!

We hardly see any two A-list actors doing movies together. Do you think it's possible?

The biggest problem in Bollywood is 'Unity'. There is no 'Unity' among us, which you can witness strongly in the South movie industry. I read that even Aamir mentioned this sometime back.

What advice you would like to give to young generation?

I will advice them that don't go for short cuts. Shortcuts are easy but in longer term they are painful.

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