Teri Meri Doriyaann's Lubna Salim on her favourite costars, the show completing a year & more

Lubna Salim, who is currently seen in Star Plus' show Teri Meri Doriyaann, speaks about the show completing a year and a lot more.

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Lubna Salim

Renowned actress Lubna Salim, a familiar and beloved presence in the entertainment industry, is currently winning hearts with her performance in Star Plus' series, Teri Meri Doriyaann. Portraying the role of Sahiba's (played by Himanshi Parashar) onscreen mother, Lubna engaged in an exclusive conversation with India Forums. During the chat, she shared insights about her experience on the show, her favorite co-star, the mischievous one on set, and much more.

  1. How does it feel that TMD has completed a year?

  2. Oh, it's an incredible feeling! We've poured in a lot of effort to make it a success, and the fact that it's trending among the top 5 serials speaks volumes. Considering the intense competition and the 7 o'clock slot, achieving top 5 status is a significant achievement for us. It's truly a delightful feeling.

  3. Who is the most naughty co-star?

  4. The title of the most naughty co-star goes to Jatin; he keeps the set lively. I also share a playful and mischievous bond with Anita Kulkarni. So, these two really keep the energy up for us.

  1. Your favorite co-star?

  2. My favorite co-stars in TMD are my three on-screen daughters. They were all newcomers, and the way they performed was outstanding. Sahiba played by Himanshi, Sirat portrayed by Roopam Sharma, and Keerat performed by Prachi – they were like my own children. The story revolved around me, the mother, trying to get my daughters married into wealthy families, and their raw talent and enthusiasm made the experience wonderful. The energy between us was different, and I absolutely love my on-screen daughters.

  3. Who plays the most pranks on set?

  4. The title of the prankster on set goes to the youngsters; they're just crazy and always at it with each other. The dynamic flow among the actors, especially with the Mongas and the Brars playing the mother's side, is quite interesting. When we all meet, it's hard for the director to control us as we're always chattering away. The one with the longest lines is troubled, hoping for a chance to learn the lines without interruption.

Lastly, what is happening in the show currently and what should the viewers watch out for?

A fascinating twist is on the horizon, set to unfold on Lohri's night. With three heroes and three heroines, destiny might not align with their desired partners, and this twist promises to be very intriguing. We're eagerly looking forward to seeing how our writers handle these developments. The trailer for the upcoming track is already out, so stay tuned – it's going to be an exciting watch!

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