Teri Meri Doriyaann: Sahiba grows suspicious, and Angad dismisses her concerns

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Teri Meri Doriyaann, Sahiba suspects something is wrong, leading to a confrontation with Angad, who dismisses her concerns as overthinking.

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Teri Meri Doriyaann

In tonight's Teri Meri Doriyaann rpisode, Sahiba (Himanshi Parashar) confides in Japjot about the perpetual discord between her and Angad (Vijayendra Kumeria), emphasizing that her misconceptions had driven them apart. She assures Japjot that she's making sincere efforts to bridge the gap and hopes for success if it aligns with destiny. When Japjot inquires about the reason for her call, Sahiba reveals that she has prepared carrot and pumpkin soup for Angad, mindful of his hunger and acidity issues. Japjot suggests adding a saunf (fennel seed) tadka to the soup to alleviate his acidity, to which Sahiba expresses gratitude.

While delivering the soup, Sahiba overhears a waiter discussing how he spied on Angad under the manager's orders to save him from a potential situation. Sahiba confronts them, and in the meantime, the manager arrives, addressing someone as Angad and clarifying that their chef is named Angad. He reveals that he had instructed the waiter to keep an eye on a new chef. Sahiba departs with the soup. Following Sahiba's departure, the manager reprimands the waiter with a slap, acknowledging that while he successfully handled the situation, Sahiba became suspicious of their actions. Sahiba returns to her room, offering the soup to Angad, who initially declines.

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Unbeknownst to them, the manager tries to eavesdrop on their conversation but is caught by Sahiba. She notices a fleeing shadow and becomes more suspicious, contemplating whether to share her concerns with Angad. The next morning, Angad surprises Sahiba with men in their room, explaining that he had summoned them. Sahiba informs him of her suspicion. Angad dismisses her concerns, chalking it up to overthinking.

Seerat visits a mysterious man, questioning why she was chosen for the task. The man remains silent, and when Seerat refuses the assignment, he forcefully twists her hand. At the hotel's restaurant, Angad and Sahiba receive a gift parcel addressed to the "world's best couple." Angad, angered by the note revealing that someone identified him, rejects the gift. Despite his resistance, Sahiba insists they keep it. An argument ensues, with Angad confronting Sahiba about her mistrust and the imminent signing of divorce papers. Sahiba attempts to explain herself.



Precap: Sahiba endeavors to make amends by showering Angad with affection, presenting flower bouquets, and arranging a special decoration. The atmosphere becomes joyful as Sahiba dons Maharashtrian attire and dances around Angad to the tune of the song "Hum Ko Aaj Kal Hai." However, the celebratory mood takes a dark turn when goons launch an unexpected attack on Angad.

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