Swara to be banished from Deshmukh house

Imagine TV, Sarvagunn Sampanna to telecast a one hour special this Saturday…


Amidst the marriage preparations, finally in coming Saturday's one hour special episode, Swara's (Pooja Bose) past of a Lavani Dancer will be unleashed to the Deshmukh family by Abhay (Sharad Kelkar) and Ragini (Sangeeta Kapure) in Imagine TV's, Sarvagunn Sampanna.

As per our knowledge the moment Abhay called Swara with a suffix 'Bai' a trigger of suspicion has already been hit in Raagini's mind and her search to know Swara's past had started with a full swing.

So, a little Birdie informed us that, "To add to Swara's torment Abhay calls a troop of lavani dancers for a pre-marriage function and amidst this Raagini on the other hand finds Swara's past photo in the troops luggage which she uses as a proof to show the Deshmukh family. This just adds to the nervousness and bad luck of Swara and in retaliation Aditya (Mujtaba Ali Khan) and the entire Deshmukh family asks her to leave the house."

If sources are to be believed, Sharad Kelkar has been brought in to play a very small but important role in the show. His character is believed to exit soon after the maha episode that is to be aired this Saturday on 24th July, however the creative might plan to extend his character if they get a good response in terms of ratings.

Reporter & Author: Pooja Shenoy.


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cjs369 10 years ago which era are these people living in...i was in two minds about watching this serial ...now can decide comfortably against watching it...
sneha.221085 10 years ago Gyes its nt that bad. Infact diff. concept frm all her other shows.
masz 10 years ago Oops accidently hit the post comment button lol, what i meant to say....Disappointed!2010-07-20 15:28:29
priya_1183 10 years ago such nonsence cant cratives thing some thing original all old masala yuck!!!!!!!! this time ekta fail to make good show this n tere liye also better stop them
imagine-addict 10 years ago same old same old...the twist would have been that aditya accepted her as she is and not kicked her out...dumb creatives churning out the same boring story endless times.
larimel22 10 years ago Sheesh Aditya! Get a life!!!
He throws Swara out over this? He doesn't deserve her.
What is wrong with the creatives??? -.-
AfghanLeena 10 years ago it was intressting in the began but now the show become very boring it goes very slow and slow make all the fan to hate the show:( it is the same story:(

Love Leena:)
bejamalo 10 years ago poor Swara
I love Aditya & swara Jodi
now both are sepreated
What is this Ekta?
honeyrose 10 years ago I thought aditya wud support her. Wat is this?
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