Swapnil to return on SAB Show

Swapnil Joshi will re-appear on SAB show Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo due to popular demand…

Swapnil Joshi, initially slated to play a cameo now returns to due to popular demand on SAB and Optimystix show Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo.

According to our source, "Swapnil entered the show in a cameo role. His was a brief role, however it was a very important one. When Apoorva (Sumeet Raghavan) desperately seeks for a surrogate family in order to marry his love Arti (Mugdha Chapekar) by fulfilling her father's one primary condition (that the groom have a family) its Bhavesh (Swapnil Joshi), the Casting Director who comes to the rescue."

The source adds, "Bhavesh may have done a sad job by bringing in people who make for a very bad family. But nevertheless if not for him Apoorva would not have found a surrogate family. He got in actors on a contract basis to act as Apoorva's family. And in the story, the contract is about to end. So it could be that Bhavesh gets back in the main picture to renew the actors' contracts."

However, the source is quick to add, " Having said this, the exact track of Bhavesh Bhavsar's return is yet not finalized. But it is confirmed that Swapnil's character will be back for yet another cameo as the production team and channel got a very good response for it".

We tried contacting Swapnil but he remained unavailable for comments.

We really do not know what Bhavesh's next plan of action will be, but one thing that is sure is that we will see some hell of a comedy happening in the house, as Apoorva just cannot afford to leave his fake family away.

Hope Swapnil's return will add more to the laughter generated by the show!

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Susan Jose

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14 years ago

love to see him back..anyway I am enjoying comedy after so many days

14 years ago

I had really been hoping he comes back after the wonderful job he did as the casting director :D Cant wait to see his hilarious character again.

14 years ago

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