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Suryaputra Karn ENDS, a look back at the YOUNG and ELDER avatars of characters..!

The show certainly left behind a legacy..

Published: Saturday,Aug 13, 2016 11:47 AM GMT-06:00
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The popular Sony TV show, 'Suryaputra Karn' started off as a total underdog. Very few expected the show to be a success that it turned out to be. Amongst the likes of 'bankable' characters of Krishna, Hanuman and Ram, a lesser-known character of Karna from Mahabharat wasn't a 'safe' choice.

However, beating all odds, the show managed to impress us since its very first episode. Child actor, Vishesh Bansal wowed one and all with his portrayal as Karn which was assisted by great performances by other actors.

And making the show even bigger was actor Gautam Rode, who was roped in to play the elder Karn. The already popular Gautam took over the mantle from Vishesh and had some major shoes to fill. The brilliant and dedicated actor that Gautam is, he gave his heart and soul to the role and excelled it. He was assisted by the fantastic portrayal of Duryodhan by actor Shaleen Bhanot.

Now that show has gone off-air, we look back at the young and elder versions of pivotal characters that made the show the success it turned out to be-

Young and Elder Bhima played by Raunak David and Ketan Karande

Young and Elder Yudishtr played by Pravisht Mishra and Kanan Malhotra

Young and Elder Vrushali played by Richa Mehta and Farnaz Shetty

Young and Elder Arjuna played by Bhavesh Balchandani and Navi Bhangu

Young and Elder Samba played by Ayush Shah and Shresth Kumar

Young and Elder Duryodhan played by Yash Karia and Shaleen Bhanot


Young and Elder Karn played by Vishesh Bansal and Gautam Rode

Gautam Rode Shaleen Bhanot Shresth Kumar Kanan Malhotra Vishesh Bansal Navi Bhangu Bhavesh Balchandani Ketan Karande Ayush Shah Farnaz Shetty Suryaputra Karn  Sony TV 

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Vrikodar 7 years ago Vishesh Bansal was the best Karn among all.
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ranjan4ever 7 years ago Love u so much Farnaz Shetty.keep rocking.god always with u.stay blessed.
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shinaz01 7 years ago Keep rocking always.love u & miss u so much Farnaz Shetty.god bless u.
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ashh123 7 years ago Love u & miss u alot Farnaz Shetty.plz come back soon.
God bless u always.
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smi27 7 years ago Keep smiling always.love u so much Farnaz Shetty.
God bless u always.
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amalss 7 years ago Love u so much Farnaz Shetty.keep smiling always.god bless u always.
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ltelidevara 7 years ago I don't think it is a success considering its TRPs which are low and never up to the mark. Gautam Rode as Karna couldn't reach the standards set up by Aham Sarma of StarMBH. The only actor who stood out in the show is Navi who played Arjun brilliantly.But not even one word in his praise. Quite disappointing.
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farnazlove 7 years ago Love u Farnaz Shetty...love u so much...
Have a great day...keep smiling always...
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angelnaz 7 years ago God bless u Farnaz Shetty.love u so much.plz come back soon.keep working hard.
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wingsoffire 7 years ago Love u & miss u so much Farnaz Shetty.keep shining always.
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