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Surprise Elimination in Iss Jungle tonight..

The Grand Finale of Iss Jungle is fast approaching, and keeping this in mind there will be a surprise elimination happening tonight in the Sony show..


We have seen lot many wild card entries in Sony's Iss Jungle, but tonight the audience will get to see a surprise elimination from the show..

According to our source, "The contestants were taken aback when the anchors came and announced that there will be a surprise elimination happening. And to make things worse, they gave out the names of the contestants who were in the bottom two, which read Marc Robinson and Anaida".

"In the Maha Jungle Challenge, Marc and Anaida were given a task similar to Aman's monkey sh** task. However, Marc could not perform well due to his bad back and did not collect any star. On the other hand, Anaida too struggled to overcome this task, but somehow managed to grab just one star, and thus won the Challenge", adds our source.

This surprise elimination came about because the channel and production house are hard pressed for time. "The Grand Finale of Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao will be aired on September 5th, and this clearly indicates that they are in a hurry to eliminate as many contestants as possible so that they get their finalists on time. This Friday will as usual see another elimination", further states our source.

Well, just as we thought that Marc might be a tough nut to crack in the show, we see him getting out of the show. Watch this surprise elimination of Marc tonight on Iss Jungle..

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh


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amythegreat 11 years ago good!!i hope that akash goes out of the jungle and jay wins2009-08-31 03:28:18
Adil112 11 years ago get akash out dont vote for him.

anaindia or mona to win
zanzi 11 years ago who protest tht akash should be trown out
parii2 11 years ago Aakash k lia kaun vote kar raha hai if in case dey are counting votes....such a loser yaar
desicrowd 11 years ago Every one wants Akash to get out...then how come he is still in??? TRPs I guess...
Nitzzzy 11 years ago i want akkash, chetan, and kashmira to get out!! I want Mona, Jai, or anaida to win!!!!! I HATE AKKASH!! WHO THE HELL DOES HE THINK OF HIMSELF!!!
bwoodlover01 11 years ago Marc is still better off in the competition than other contestants (akaash)
But seriously, I hate them all since day one. Low-life people.; who's been voting for him all this time, besides his family?
jaypuri 11 years ago I am so happy that Marc is out. I hated him from day one. Marc you can be a very good politician.

Remember this Bast**d was making fun of Aman that he went to Hospital after Jungle Challenge. Your bad Karma haunted you down Marc. I wish you never heal from your back problem. I hope you enjoyed making fun of Aman for his back pain.

rohana.m 11 years ago What?? No! Poor Marc he lost due to his bad back. I thought he would win.
mimi0295 11 years ago I'm glad Anaida's still there, I like her!
But WHY Marc? Though I don't like him much, he's far better than some of the other contestants. Why couldn't Akashh be eliminated? *sighs
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