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Swastik Productions' hit show Porus will soon make way for Chandragupta Maurya. With Porus being dead, Chanakya (Tarun Khanna) will now take an oath to find that one ruler who could from India into Akhand Bharat.

The news of Chandragupta Maurya returning on TV screens has left everyone excited for the show. The titular role will be essayed by Karmafaldata Shani fame Kartikey Malviya.

Now, according to reports, we hear that popular comic actor Sukesh Anand will be a part of the show too.

Sukesh, who is best known for his roles in popular shows like Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo, Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji and Meri Durga to name a few, will be seen playing the character of a rich but mean shopkeeper. His character will have comic shades and will provide interesting tracks in the show.

Well, we have seen him playing comic characters on the TV and can rely on him to play an important role in this show too. 

What are your views about it, let us know in the comments section below.
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Ruchi-interest 2015-01-04T14:20:27Z "We ate friends since childhood" that cracked me up... So now I get it they practice cannibalism;talk about back stabbing your friends.
Really what was the writer thinking, writing that.
sky_fighter 2015-01-04T14:13:54Z I thought this article would have been taken off or corrected but hritikh and zayed are still eating there friends
curry-sistah 2015-01-04T13:48:37Z You know Hrithik and Zayed are really kool if they " ate their friends since childhood", I guess they took the phrase " eating out your competition" to heart. Lmao!
MrDarcyfan 2015-01-03T17:19:04Z Honestly I am shocked at how unprofessional I.F are when posting articles! Not proof read, full of typos and spelling and grammatical errors! Seriously, what sort of "Dog and Pony" show are you people running? Get some people that can write, and can spell, to write your articles! What a shambles!2015-01-03 17:17:18
gothope 2015-01-03T12:25:43Z Sometimes I wonder if I-F articles are typed while sleeping.
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Comeon, at least proof-read it before posting!
Yuvika_15 2015-01-03T06:43:00Z Spelling error...please correct it... "we are friends since childhood" rather than "we ate friends since childhood"
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