Striking heat on the sets of Hamari Saas Leela

Due to improper ventilation and air, the actors find it tough to shoot on he sets..

The uncertain rain and beaming heat have already put the actors and the crew in a tough condition to shoot in.

What if the condition on the sets are also not in favour of the cast and crew?

A source says, "The cast of Colors' Hamaari Saas Leela is having a tough time shooting on the sets as the Air Conditioners have been removed for installing new ones."

Apara Mehta says, "Actually the set is very huge and it becomes difficult to shoot once the powerful lights are on in front of the camera and that's why ACs are a necessity rather than comfort on the sets. When the ambience is chilled we will be able to work more. But the condition has been bad since the past few days."

Ketkie Jayashree also shares, "We have been shooting under immense heat inside the sets and the condition becomes worse when the crew calls for the shot and we have to wait. We hear that it will be repaired within two or three days."

Well, let us hope that the problem gets sorted out fast and the cast and crew resume their shoot without any difficulty.

Reporter: Ashima Mishra & Saranya Valsarajan
Author: Saranya Valsarajan


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forever_freind2 11 years ago
Hadippa Remix .Love the song & video...
lailayazkhan 11 years ago Aahun Aahun (LAK)
Yeh Dooriyan (LAK)

Nice to see IHRH from DBH on the list. It is so good, even if Sonu Nigam only sings a verse.
kavya.b 11 years ago ye dooriyan frm LAK.. i love that song like anything
Vedika126 11 years ago what about ahun ahun from love aaj kal? and om mangalam from kabhakt ishq
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babii.girl 11 years ago ew, DPH. it doesnt deeverve to be on the list.
the songs suck!.. there so stupid
aangelis 11 years ago the whole dil bole soundtrack deserves to be on there as well as aaj din chadeya from love aaj kal.
lovely_lady 11 years ago aw, no aahun aahun..
that song is awesome!!!
shala-deepz 11 years ago yaaa.... 2 of my fav song of lakk!!
but y not dooriyan...........?:(
Effervescent_R 11 years ago & forgot to mention aahun should b in d list too. Its much much better than bebo
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