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Street Dancer 3D Review: Naive Kids plan on ending Political Issues with Dance!

The film definitely holds baggage and one of the major reasons is Varun Dhawan who holds back this film. Perhaps, it’s just Prabhu Deva’s dance that might save the film…


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Street Dancer 3D narrates the story of two dance groups who plan on winning the Ground-Zero dance tournament. However, with the change in heart, they plan on joining forces and win the competition as a team. 

For starters, the dance performances are definitely inspired by Hollywood film Step Up 3D, and the worst part is... It does not at all look appealing!

The film’s loosely built characters have indecisively featured their uncertainty for their aim. Set in the streets of London, Sahej (Varun Dhawan) is trying to keep the legacy of his brother alive and suddenly we are introduced to a group of dancers who plan on earning a buck by dancing on the street. however, they don't know how to dance. The characters have consistently tried to contradict themselves with unnecessary issues. 

The film applies the same formula to that of a cliche Bollywood drama which hardly cares about the storyline or in fact the setting of a film, and Street Dancer 3D is an addition to that list. It tries to break certain social and political stereotypes along with major setbacks that cloud the character’s judgment. SD3D tried to convert chaos into something far beyond the maker’s understanding as they plan of adding several elements that keep pushing the film.

While there’s finally some progress in Varun and his dance group’s (personal) story we see Shraddha Kapoor making a spot-on entrance in the film. And once again, the makers have taken along the title with its literal sense and guess what they are literally dancing on the street again.

As the two groups try to fight off their everyday rivalry, which is far beyond logic and equally bothersome for the audience, you are already tired and looking for an escape route. The director also plans on setting up surprises that are based on unconventional choices.

The dance groups fight off their steam, and these naive kids never know what is the scenario around them. As Prabhu Deva enters the screen space he enlightens Shraddha about the helpless immigrants who are waiting to be fed. The next sequence shows her munching on some delicious homecooked Biryani. If you have been enlightened about the poverty around you, who in their right sense would start spending more and more money on something that is totally not needed? 

SD3D tries to balance out errors with its dance and music but, that’s the worst part, Bollywood has once again polluted the archives with nonsensical remakes. However, the worst is yet to come. No sooner we are locked into the alleyway where the illegal immigrants are surviving, you are hit with one of the most irritating and unpleasant background scores is too brutal to your ears.

Frankly, the film is full of errors and you just want it to end. The makers have tried their best to amalgamate the impromptu sequences which perhaps are the only excuses that can save the members from being embarrassed. 

The plot gains momentum with Prabhu Deva’s performance and in a way it boosts your morale to watch this film. Perhaps, he was the only element that has the ability to save this film. The film comes out strong with toxic relationships and poor scripting. At times even Shraddha conveniences us with her acting, however, the poorly scripted dialogues are a cherry on top.

SD3D comes along with baggage and that’s Varun Dhawan. The poorly written character and unsynchronized chemistry, has led to the film falling behind. As a matter of fact 'Freestyle does not suit Varun Dhawan' and the major reason is his physique. Coming back to the film, he hardly managed to pull off as a performer who is a leader of a group, in fact, Varun couldn’t even come out of his Lover Boy aura. The same old dialogue delivery and the never-ending dramatization of himself, he might be good in October, but a single film cannot define him as an excellent actor.

The film has consistently lacked subject and the right material which is necessary to complete a film. Remo D'souza even plans on changing and twisting the ultimate goal that can help the film that can progress towards the conclusion. And basically that is what you get when a dancer directs a film. 

(Ratings: 1.5/5)

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