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Speak Asia files a case against Hats Off!

Legal tussle for JD's team…

The Speak Asia controversy is well known to the common man. The company which provides a way to earn lots of money by filling out  online survey forms, has been under scanner and investigations by the Indian government from last few months.

But it seems Jd Majethia's Hats Off production's R. K. Laxman ki Duniya has brought the issue back to the common man through their recent episodes. Unfortunately these episodes have pulled them into a legal battle.

The latest buzz we hear is that the recent episodes of R. K. Laxman ki Duniya which threw light on the Speak Asia fraud have left a bad taste in the latter's mouth. Therefore, Speak Asia, claiming that they are genuine, has filed a case against Hats Off Productions.

A source informs, "Last week, after a few episodes of the show, Hats Off got a call from Speak Asia asking them to stop the telecast of the coming episodes. If this was not carried out, they said that they would be compelled to file a case. But as R.K.Laxman is a show for the common man, Jd Majethia continued the telecast of the show and has accepted the battle from Speak Asia. Tomorrow is the hearing of the case,"

We contacted Jd Majethia on this issue and he commented, "Let me check with my legal team whether I can comment on this or not at this point, as we have our final hearing tomorrow."

Stay tuned for more updates.

Reporter:Tejashree Bhopatkar
Author:Sharat Kumar


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jutamaro 8 years ago My testimony of Speak Asia is that it is better called Goongi Asia run by Haram Khor, its global CEO, who has cheated us Indian panelists.
vijay 8 years ago I saw that episode and they no where used "Speak Asia" in the show. The company name they used was "Silent Asia Pvt. Ltd.".

And I don't think they have copyright or anything on "Silent Asia" so why is Speak Asia taking offence to it.

The best idea would be to ask thousands of unpaid Speak Asians who have lost their money in this money making scheme and they will give the true testimonial of Speak Asia and what kind of survey they have been filling Smile

-Nymphadora- 8 years ago Speak Asia is genuine?really??everyone knows they laundered peoples money...they deserve to be banned in india!
However whatever the case-one is not allowed to publicly use the name of any offendent even if the offence is being tried,it can amount to defamation..which is against the law...JDs legal team should have been careful!
PS-they used the name Silent asia,thats a bit of a lee i think the case goes to JDs side,as they havent exactl;y NAMED the offender..but only taken a big at it,that too indirectly!2012-01-31 04:51:24
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