Sparsh plays ghost in Aahat

Get ready to get scared out of your wits by Sparsh in Sony’s Aahat…

Sparsh Khanchandani, who you may remember as the little Iccha of Colors' Uttaran, is in for a major onscreen image shift. She will be seen as a ghost-possessed kid in B.P. Singh's Firework Productions and Sony TV's Aahat.

We called Sparsh to get details and got her mother on the line who says, "This is the first time Sparsh is playing a negative character as a ghost in the coming series of Aahat. The story is that of a 13 hour clock. Every day when the clock strikes 13 one person is dead. When the three main leads (Chaitanya Choudhary, Krystle D' Souza, Vishal Gandhi) get in this house where the clock is kept they see Sparsh stuck inside the clock. This means she has been possessed. How they then go on to save her is the story."

Audience will get to see the little one this time in a different look. She will be seen in a white gown, body full painted in white and a wavy hair.

Catch this episode of Aahat on this Friday, 29th of January on Sony TV.

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh, Ranjini Nair
Author: Susan Jose

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Sparsh Khanchandani

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Aahat - The All New Series

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Comments (6)

whats happened you like playing ghost cooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllll

13 years ago

a ghost????wonder whatz with today's kids.....or it is parent pressure?whatever it is, itz may bear a negative impact on them.....

14 years ago

too bad that these kids have to start so early

14 years ago

I feel pity for these kids. No play. What in case she is being pressuried by her parents ????????/

14 years ago

Awww...thts nice..wil look forward to see it..Sparsh is a relly talented kid!

14 years ago

I am a huge X-files fan & loved this film,infact I loved it much more than the 1st film,Fight the future.This articles says that this film got as far away from the show as possible-this shows that the writer does not have a clear idea about the show,X-files was not only about alien abduction infact half of its stories dealt with paranornal mysteries other than aliens, this movie is so much closer to the true essence & nature of the show with its dark & creepiness.
You also say':But in the real world where the main threats seem to be terrorism and now the financial crisis, a plot revolving around illegal human organ trade might seem a bit distant and low impact.
ahem illegal human organ trade is a real world phenomeneon,a heinous crime much evident in Asia specially.
Loved this movie & want more of X-files !!

15 years ago

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