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Sonia Rathee on Broken But Beautiful 3, chemistry with Sidharth Shukla and journey so far

Sonia Rathee got talking to India-Forums and spoke about the show, if she felt any pressure, working with Sidharth, and more.

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Broken But Beautiful 3 will narrate the tale of Agastya and Rumi, played by Sidharth Shukla and Sonia Rathee, respectively. The show has been an absolute hit with the fans and the third season also continues to garner a lot of appreciation ahead of the release. India-Forums got in touch with Sonia and she spoke about the show, if she felt any pressure, working with Sidharth, and more.

Read excerpts from the interview here. 

Tell us how did the show happen to you.

My future sister-in-law in the earlier season and I had gone post the shoot, she had finished shooting, and I was there, and it was my first time on the Indian sets and I wished that this is something I get and one year after that, I was offered the show and I did not have any doubt, I was like I asked for it and somehow, it manifested. I was just in shock, there was a long process, I did an audition, change this, and let's do a little more and then I got it.

Broken But Beautiful does have a legacy of its own, what are your feelings ahead of the release or during it - pressure, excitement, nervousness?

When we made it, we did not feel a lot of pressure because we are bringing a completely new storyline. The pressure wasn't about we have to follow Veer and Sameera, and do the stuff that they did, so I am very thankful for that. The pressure was on me, the people around me did not put a lot of pressure. It was very fun and we just went with it with the story we had, we knew that they are new and completely raw.

Sidharth and your chemistry has been quite the hit. What would you say to that?

It was great working with him, just like any other relationship, we did take time, but we did not take a lot of time as within 3-4 days of being on sets, we became friends, it was good, he keeps cracking jokes and I am the laughing stock on the sets so everyone makes fun of me. Honestly, I put so much trust in my director, I wouldn't really go watch my takes so much, so right now, there's a lot of things even I am seeing for the first time so when you ask me about my chemistry, I don't know a lot (laughs). I know in person, we do share good banter and are good friends, it is all chill, but I don't know how is it on camera.

During the shoot, did you receive any advice from Sidharth?

We did have a lot of discussions and not all of them were about acting but also life, I definitely learned more from him than he did from me because he is so seasoned. I got to learn a lot just by watching and observing him on the set. We get the script and he always knows how to go about it and teaches me a little bit and I make notes and think about it, so there was a lot of learning.

Up until now, how would you say has your journey been, how do you deal with rejections?

As an actor, you just get used to it, so you don't remember. I started my journey in New York and the rejection was so much that hearing back wasn't always a thing. I have got very used to it, I used to give about 8-10 auditions a week in a week and heard from 2-3 auditions for a second round, and then it did not work out. I understood that I am still learning as compared to others, who are so talented, it makes you question that 'I don't know acting, what am I doing'. Even when I come to India, I auditioned for a bunch, I haven't gotten an ad so far, but it's simple, people get used to it, and not let it hurt you.

Broken But Beautiful 3 is going to stream from May 29, 2021.

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