Sonal Vengurlekar's exciting scooty learning experience for Shastri Sisters!

The much loved actress Sonal Vengurlekar shares her experience of riding a Scooty for her introduction scene in the upcoming show Shastri Sisters on Colors.

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Pretty and bubbly Sonal Vengurlekar who was last seen as Ruhi in Channel V's popular show Dil Dostii Dance is all set to be seen in a new look as Devyani in Colors' upcoming show Shastri Sisters.

Devyani is a character who is full of life and Sonal can easily relate herself to Devyani and being quite similar to Devyani, Sonal is finding the character very easy to play but there was something which wasn't that easy for Sonal while she has to portray Devyani.

While shooting for the show, Sonal was required to ride a Scooty which was quite difficult for Sonal as she doesn't even know how to ride a bicycle. Sonal admits that she is scared of vehicles but as per the requirement of the scene and her character, she had to ride.

Let's hear from Sonal that how did she manage to learn riding a Scooty. 

Sonal says, "I had never ever rode a bicycle in my life but in the show I was asked to ride a Scooty. I am scared of vehicles. I got scared when I was narrated about my scene where I was riding a Scooty with someone sitting behind me. I wondered how I am going to do this when I don't even know riding a bicycle. They asked me that they will train me with this. When they tried to train me, I fell so many times and got myself injured. I told them that I won't be able to do this. So, then they called some professionals to get me trained in riding a Scooty. I learn't it well and I was very excited for my shoot."

She further adds, "When I was first giving my scene riding a Scooty with my cameraman was sitting behind me I fell off from the Scooty along with the cameraman. He didn't get hurt but I got my leg hurt. It was paining a lot but I had to continue with my shoot as we had to finish our shoot in the day light only. I wish that I could have done even better in my introduction scene if I wouldn't get hurt but still I gave my best."

Way to go Sonal!

Anwesha Kamal


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adoremevirgo 6 years ago do they really take so much trouble for a daily show...i mean do they hv the time to train someone to ride a scooty...
Namita-M 6 years ago Wow, you got hurt but continued with shooting. That is dedication. Good luck with the show.
QueenofGreen 6 years ago *hear

2014-07-18 00:57:24
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