Sneha Jain unveils the power of sports

Sneha Jain, an accomplished actress and a passionate sports enthusiast, sheds light on the profound impact of sports.

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Sneha Jain

Sneha Jain, an accomplished actress and a passionate sports enthusiast, sheds light on the profound impact of sports. She believes that the lessons learned in the field translate seamlessly into all aspects of life.

"I think it's very important to promote sports everywhere because personally, my experience has been in sports, and it helps in your personal life," Jain remarks, reflecting on her journey. "It helps you to have discipline in your life, and you have that sportsman spirit. If you lose, you feel bad, you cry, but then you know you have to work more. That sportsman spirit is very important in life, not just sports-related things; also if we are failing in our personal lives or some things are not happening for us, we're getting rejected. So that helps you to come over and try again."

For Sneha Jain, the parallels between sports and life's challenges are clear. As an actor in a competitive industry, facing rejection and obstacles is inevitable. The lessons of bouncing back from setbacks, working harder to achieve goals, and maintaining a positive attitude remain integral in her professional journey.

"And I think it's very important to promote physical activity, physical strength, mental strength, to be healthy inside - out," Sneha asserts. "Because it's very important in a stressful life. And when you're doing activities, happy hormones release, you feel very good about it, you feel confident. So, I think it's very important to have such activities in your day-to-day life to keep yourself healthy, positive, energetic and always on your toes."

In the realm of education and beyond, Sneha Jain believes that the collaboration of governments, schools, and organizations is key to establishing a culture of sports and fitness that persists beyond National Sports Day. "Government schools, organizations, they're doing amazing," she notes. "People are coming from different backgrounds, representing our country. There's no gender inequality. I think with sports and everything we are evolving very amazingly." This evolution is set to leave a lasting impact on the younger generation, imparting crucial values such as gender equality, hard work, and determination.

As an individual who once excelled in Taekwondo, Sneha's favorite sport holds a special place in her heart. "My favorite sport is Taekwondo because I used to play it," she shares. "I got silver on district level and I used to play in inter-school competitions. But then because of a few things, I had to leave it. But I think if the situation was not there, then today, I would still be pursuing it. I really want to start again because I think I can do both acting as well as Taekwondo. I want to achieve a black belt, and that's my dream." she ends.

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