Simran Budharup delves into her character 'Khushi' and addresses the challenges of tackling online trolls

Simran Budharup, currently portraying Khushi in Kumkum Bhagya after the leap, shares insights into her character and diverse acting journey and addresses the challenges of dealing with trolls.

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Simran Budharup

Simran Budharup gained recognition through various TV shows. However, her breakthrough came in Pandya Store, where her portrayal of Rishita Pandya, alongside co-star Akshay Kharodia, received widespread acclaim for their chemistry.

In a conversation with one of the leading portals, Simran Budharup, currently portraying Khushi in Kumkum Bhagya after the leap, shared insights into her character and her diverse acting journey and addressed the challenges of dealing with trolls.

Grateful for her association with Balaji, Simran sees her character evolving from grey to negative shades. Reflecting on her role as Khushi, Simran expressed that it was a last-minute opportunity she eagerly embraced. She described Khushi as a strong-headed character, unlike Urvi, who focused on love and relationships. Despite Khushi's complex dynamics with her family, Simran highlighted the depth of Khushi's bond with her sister, Urvi.

When Pandya Store took a leap, Simran initially felt a sense of disappointment, wishing more could have been done with the characters. However, she later understood the industry's need for fresh stories and acknowledged the increased opportunities leaps brought to actors. 

Addressing the pressure of carrying forward the legacy of Kumkum Bhagya, Simran emphasized her focus on giving her best to the character rather than comparing herself to previous portrayals. She admitted not watching the previous episodes and highlighted her commitment to personal growth in her career.

Anticipating social media trolls, Simran candidly shared her preparedness for criticism. She acknowledged the prevalence of trolling on social platforms, attributing it to people's enjoyment and the creation of fake accounts for that purpose. Simran emphasized her dedication to her work and the importance of personal growth in her career, regardless of external opinions.

In conclusion, Simran Budharup showcased her resilience, commitment to her craft, and a positive outlook on her evolving acting career.

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