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Simi Garewal back on TV with a new chat show..

Simi Garewal, the renowned and producer anchor will soon be back with a new chat show on Star World..

Simi Garewal who is known for her inimitable style of hosting her trademark chat show Rendevouz with Simi Garewal, will soon be back on small screen!!

The anchor cum producer is now working on yet another chat show which is slated to attract the youth of today. The show is expected to air in May on Star World.

Our source states, "The first episode of the chat show has already been shot. John Abraham is the first celebrity, and Simi has already shot with him".

The title of the show is 'The Most Desirable'. The show will most probably bring in only the male celebrities as guests. The channel and production house are looking to rope in most of the young blood of Bollywood.

We hear that Simi will be donning a brand new avatar, something very different from the white outfits she wore in Rendevouz.

We tried contacting Simi Garewal, but she remained unavailable.

Let's wait to see what Simi comes up with this time around!!

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh


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-Preeti- 9 years ago I would love to See Salman Khan in Chat with Simi
cooks09 9 years ago 2011-07-07 16:15:48
yipee 9 years ago i used to watch rendevouz with simi garewal a lot
Lata 9 years ago aczc and ixray...each to his own....if you both think ash and simi fake so be it....but both woman IMO have shown to the world that India is a power to reckon with and to hell with the western world..who cares what they think about our country and our countrymen for all that we care....all said and done eagerly looking forward to the lady in white and hope to see her interviewing my fav SRK...
-Nymphadora- 9 years ago OH help!!!!shes so fake-i cant tolerate her!
sweet_angel27 9 years ago awesome! Haven't seen John on tv for a while so this will totally be a treat! :) I wonder why he didn't come on kwk yet :( But I saw one episode of Rendevous with Simi and I liked her, so hope this ones good too :)
ixray 9 years ago @ aczc i respect your opinion coz thats how i do think of Aish but Simi grew up in England thus her accent. i do like Simi , she seems a gentle soul.
repercussion 9 years ago Althoguh we have seen her in colored outfits in movies, she has chosen white to be her guardian color...reflecting her sanctity, sernity and purity at the same time...A calm and subtle host of "rendevouz"...welcome back...Rendevouz was the best thing on earth...hope this will turn out just as well!
aczc 9 years ago she is older versin of aish fake,plastic and most of all fake western accent which makes u puke.
Shipra_S 9 years ago i hope they interview Hrithik too.Tongue
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