'Silsila' actor Shakti Arora gave a befitting reply to online troll

He handled it like a boss...


Internet is the best invention man could ever have access to. But as we know, with good comes the bad and in the case of the internet, comes online trolling as well. 

Recently actor Shakti Arora from Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka came across such a situation where he posted a picture of himself on Instagram and captioned it, "If nobody hates you, you are doing something boring #keephustling #hustle #shoot #tv #style #influencer #blogger #silsila #makeuproom #greenroom #secondhome #myset #mylife."

However, one of the actor's followers bashed Shakti for his portrayal of Kunal in his on-going show Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka. And Shakti calmly handled the entire situation.

Check out the comment thread below.

Shakti Arora is known for his role in Colors' Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi and has worked in many shows including Tere Liye, Pavitra Rishta among many others.

We are very proud of Shakti that he chose to respond to the hate comments in a very dignified manner and hope people learn to use internet wisely.

What are your thoughts on this? Drop in your comments below.

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MrDarcyfan 2018-09-12T06:13:15Z I think the person who commented went too far and got emotional. But I wont go as far as calling them a troll or bully as termed by the actor? How immature of him to tell the fan that she must have "issues" in her own life to concentrate on? Are they only expecting praise no matter what they are enacting or presenting to the audience? It's highly arrogant to ask viewers to "Not watch" a show. A show runs solely on viewership and the day that stops the show also stops. I don't think employees in any commercial entity will tell their customers to "go away and sign up with another company!" LOL. Heights.

I read an interview given by Shakti in which is said only "Traditionalists" don't like this concept. I thought that was a very close minded response from him. I am not a traditionalist!I am not even Indian. Lived in west most of my life and watched shows with EMA before. I don't like the way this show glorifies EMA. How convenient to just call everyone who don't like your trashy show "regressive" and ask them to stop watching? The issue was always HOW they showed the EMA, not the EMA. This is the first show anywhere from any country I have seen that glorify cheating and play religious music on an illicit couple. If their love is SO divine and pure, why don;t they come clean? Why are they hiding and continuing to cheat everyone? Why not conduct their Ruhani Arzoo in public? The show is very badly executed. The characters of Kunal and Nandani presented as totally selfish and unlikable and Shakti expects people to "Praise" the show? He needs to get real! Having said that people should not get personal with actors. But then actors should follow their own advise and stop getting personal with viewers as soon as they criticize the "content" of their work. If someone attacks your family, or personal character, by all means react. But not your work! This is life, get used to it!<...
amnajaved 2018-09-12T03:18:57Z I am very glad to see shakti's post I love this show silsila badlte rishto ka i love drasti dhami she is my favourite actress in any Indian channels I always watch her shows she always makes mind blowing chemistry with her co-stars now a days she is looking to gorgeous with shakti .no matter what's story is going and why the people is taking as personal story shakti is right many channels are there if no body wants to see the show switch the channel but don't criticaes the actors you can talk about the characters but not to person the did not chose their character and some time people likes the character makes the show superb again we want to see the show with shakti & drashti jodi thanks
Aasha1 2018-09-12T00:57:26Z Actor Shakti Arora...do you feel really great/proud on the response that you fed back to criticisms...just like no guilt shown by you as the charactor Kunal...your befitting replies reflect the same...no guilt on reaching out to mass on choosing EMA - nonsense story to gain stardom and money!! Think through your replies please!!
Sea-Hawk 2018-09-11T14:11:41Z LOL .. Indian TV is full of shit .. nobody has any problem but suddenly everybody loses it because a show is about EMA. I mean patriarchy .. fine, abusive heroes (!) .. fine, forced marriages .. oh so romantic, the hero is keeping the heroine in chain .. passionate love, But dare to show a story of EMA.. Radhe-Krishna Radhe-Krishna .. that's the worst thing shown on TV ever.

You don't like the content?? Don't watch it. Want to complain? Give your opinion to the director or makers. What can the actors do here? They have a work schedule of 18 hours a day .. they will loose their s*** at one point. naturally.
koel_01 2018-09-11T10:04:17Z Some people here (only talking about those comments jumping and acting extra hurt) can't even handle the response that the actor gave to a troll (yes i repeat it). Imagine the kind of hate and comments the actors have to deal with everyday. And the one time they decide to respond or loose cool, these people come taking the high ground and moral policing and berating. The world we are living in. Wonder if we our self are in such situation what will we do(many will reply with interest) or our favorite person does,will we respond the same(very seldom few will). And there lies the hypocrisy.2018-09-11 10:09:37
_OrChiD_ 2018-09-11T09:32:56Z Arrogant actor!! TRP is too low, people aren't even watching Mr. Arrogant. 11 pm slot gets po*no type shows, have some shame!! Look into your own life rather than asking fans. If you think criticism is troll, then you have a problem as I have seen you tried to justify kunals EMA. And IF, grow up, you don't need an actor to survive that you are taking side of actors. You need fans to survive so sometime be honest!! That girl said nothing wrong.2018-09-11 09:46:56
kavmuks 2018-09-11T07:12:12Z Haaa... Why do they think people are giving opinion for Shakti? They are doing to the character. And if audience does not like a story they do not.. don't forget Pahredaar. Why not liking story and citing your opinion is trolling.
Devtaholic 2018-09-11T06:37:04Z It's a fact that some people just don't get the difference between real and feel life. Actors get trolled for the storyline and character. But i seriously feel a fan has all right to write that they r disappointed by the choice of the character and show of the actor. After all these fans gave these popularity and stardom. The fans wait a long for there favourite to come and when they r served shit they feel disappointed. So it's obvious that they express there disappointment. The actors were continuously saying the show is not about EMA from the time launch but till now the show is all about EMA ( though they dealt with domestic abuse too) poor execution and dialogue writing with a horrible bg music and divine angle for EMA couple. It's obvious that any fan who waited more than a year for the actors comeback to get disappointed. I too felt why popular actors like SA and DD took up the show? We had multiple shows with EMA and domestic violence. Nothing new. Even the execution is poor. Where they so much desperate to work that the script, character nothing mattered? Masses could have understood if they played negative characters. But the makers trying to glorify EMA which obviously won't go well with audiences or fans. I didn't find the fan was trolling the actor. She just wrote what she felt. Media has a lot of influence now a days. So wrong message can't be portrayed.
dey.bh 2018-09-11T06:19:15Z Was this trolling in first place ? Any opinion that doesn't suit my taste isn't trolling.
vaishu.6 2018-09-11T00:07:21Z dear colors ek ehsaan karo hum pe jaise silsila ko 11:00 pm ka timeslot de diya waise hi immj ko 11:30 timeslot de do.jinhe raat raat bhar jaag kr po*n movies dekhne ki aadat hai they will watch immj po*n show on the name of suspense & thrill.infact u did mistake 11:00 pm timeslot to immj ko milna chahiye
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