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Sidharth Shukla on Broken But Beautiful 3: I am anxious and nervous, it is important to feel that as an actor

Sidharth Shukla got talking about what clicked with him, taking a legacy forward with Broken But Beautiful 3, working through the pandemic, what sets his character apart, and so on and so forth. Read his conversation with here.

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One of the most awaited shows ever since the announcement was first made, Sidharth Shukla is all set to make his digital debut with Broken But Beautiful 3 as Agastya Rao. The Bigg Boss 13 winner has only been going places post his stint on the show, and recently, we decided to catch up with him ahead of the release. He got talking about what clicked with him, taking a legacy forward, working through the pandemic, what sets his character apart, and so on and so forth. Read his conversation with here.

What prompted you to take up the show?

When I heard the story, I could absolutely relate to it, and that was the biggest reason I went ahead. I am very excited and nervous because you don't know how will people take it and you want them to accept you when doing something totally different. I am nervous and excited at the same time.

You are making a digital debut with a show that has quite a legacy (if I may say so), does it feel overwhelming?

Honestly, before the release of every project, I am anxious and nervous, in a good way in anticipation of the release.  And I think it is important, as an actor, to have that feeling so that you are excited about the audience’s reaction and response.  

Tell us a little about the working experience, given the pandemic, and delays. How did you cope up?

I have been blessed as I had the opportunity to continue working through the pandemic through different genres in music videos as well as Broken But Beautiful.  

Sidharth, you have always mentioned how you like to do different things, tell us three things that set this character apart from the rest?

Agastya is very real. He’s someone most will relate to, I know I could. He also is someone you can’t really hate, yes he’ll call a spade a spade and tell you off on your face, but you know he’s telling you the truth.  

After all the love and work you have received post-Bigg Boss, would you say reality shows have a way to work themselves up?

Reality shows give the audience a taste of the real person and I think people like to see ‘real’. That’s the day and age we are living in.  

From aggression to jealousy, we see a variety of emotions on the screen. Which of the emotions is difficult for you to hide?

I don't think I am somebody who can hide my feelings because it is very visible on my face and it is for everyone to know and see. I can't be one of those fake people who'd smile at a party when they don't like somebody or be good to somebody if I don't want to.

Broken But Beautiful is about love and the pain that comes with it. Do you agree that love can be painful?  

I think it really depends on the way your relationship has been going because nothing is always smooth and it really depends on the choices that you make, so do the feelings that come and go. It is all about choices.

Has there been a time in your life when you have felt ‘broken’ and how did you cope with it?

Well, at times I have been broken, yes, and love, like pain, is just a feeling, and it passes away after a while.

The social media wars continue and you remain selectively available for your fans, how do you deal with the negativity?

To be very honest, I don't understand people having hate or showing it out to everybody because I find it simply funny, because you are on your side, and what happens is one doesn't know me or another actor and the equation between other people, so they are free to comment. As simple as how life is if you don't like something why come and speak about it, because if I don't like something, I just keep away from it. I don't understand trash talking and why people do that but to each their own.

You have done so much, do you often sit and wonder how you have come a long way from where you started?

I feel blessed and just tell myself that I want to continue entertaining my audience.

Broken But Beautiful season 3 is all set to stream on Alt Balaji from May 29, 2021.

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