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Shurveer Prithvi Ab banaa Yuva Prithviraj

'Dharti Ka Vir Yoddha- Prithviraj Chauhan', as Shurveer Prithvi transforms into Yuva Prithviraj starting 27th & 28th October, 2007 Sat & Sun, 9.00 pm only on STAR PLUS!


Wooing its viewers for over a year’s time, the biggest historical prime time series on Indian television Dharti Ka Vir Yodha-Prithviraj Chauhan, will now reach a milestone as the nation’s heartthrob and the lead character of the show-Prithviraj Chauhan, dons an even more power-packed and youthful look, on 27th & 28th October, Sat & Sun, 9.00 pm, only on STAR PLUS!

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The historical legend Prithviraj Chauhan known for his valour & bravery as a child will be adorning a new avatar as he enters his adulthood. The last Hindu Ruler of Delhi, this young emperor, who set himself out to achieve the incredible at an early age, will scale even greater heights. The character of the brave warrior that was immortalized by Rajat Tokas, will now be played by the Sagar’s latest find – Anas Rashid.

As the drama unfolds, Prithvi is seen fighting for his love and his life relentlessly. As he sheds his younger character, he will face many precarious situations where he will prove his mettle and win lethal battles. The battles will be vividly highlighted, gradually leading Prithvi into a sturdier and mature person marking the beginning of an all new personification that the viewers are fated for.

The show will portray this character’s larger than life image, as he wins many crucial battles like these and sets an example of an indomitable spirit. Bringing the shades of grandeur, bravery and opulence, going forward, the historic magnum opus will now enthrall the viewers, as they continue to watch the heroic saga of the emperor, who immortalized courage & fearlessness.

So, stay tuned to watch the story of this unforgettable legend and his heroism - ‘Dharti Ka Vir Yoddha- Prithviraj Chauhan’, as Shurveer Prithvi transforms into Yuva Prithviraj starting 27th & 28th October, 2007 Sat & Sun, 9.00 pm only on STAR PLUS!
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featherheart 6 years ago mising old gold prc days wid rajat
best show ever
Ranjeeta_ 8 years ago Dharti Ka Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan, one of the best show of Star Plus. As young Prithvi, Rajat Tokas did a very nice job, and Anas Rashid as the elder one was awesome. It is nice to see that both do share a very nice relationship in real life too. Whether it's Anas or Rajat, both were in the skin of Prithviraj Chauhan, where both did justice to that role as no one apart from them could have been Prithviraj Chauhan.
ekta. 9 years ago PrithviRaj chauhan was reborn as Rajat Tokas. He was at his best in one could have potrayed this characted better that Rajat!!!!!
mpd_1027 12 years ago v will surely miss rajat.most of them used 2 watch the serial because of him
ranjitkar 12 years ago we will miss rajat n his frens mehul,harsh,mughda,gaurav but hope new crew will also do well as they did...................... wish new crew good luck..............
Dershna11 12 years ago Hope Anas performs as good as Rajat!
Good luck Anas as Prithviraj Chauhan!
maha786 12 years ago well tht is a change for sure will miss rajat tokas he was brilliant and cant wait to see anas on screeen he surely looks prithviraaj
damilola 12 years ago ohhh hes all grown up !!!
cnt wait to see
cool_pooja 12 years ago I will miss rajat.. He was the best.. Ugh
vaishudlv 12 years ago i wanna my rajat as prithiv......
plz do it...
i miss him deadly
see more