Shocks after Shocks in Amul Star Voice of India..

This week SVOI saw another shocking elimination. A contestant who was touted to be the Voice of India, got eliminated, leaving everyone under shock and anguish.

Toshi, the contestant from Jaipur got eliminated this week leaving even the celebrity judges, Salim–Suleiman and Sajid-Wajid, under shock. Seeing the potential in his voice, Salim Suleiman has promised Toshi the chance to sing for them in their future compositions. Toshi himself was not sure how this happened. “I don’t know… I got the highest votes during Wild Card round. And after that, I was consistently getting quite high number of votes. Even last week, I got the highest votes to win my second bike. So yes, this was bit shocking and disheartening, as I was sure, I’ll reach the top two.”

Toshi has been giving excellent performances in the show. His journey through VOI was never a smooth one. He got eliminated in the early rounds itself, and then made a come back through wild card round. What does Toshi himself has to say about this journey. “I would never say it was smooth ever. As you know, I got eliminated earlier too. Then came back again, and it was then, that I decided to make sure that I’ll work really hard on my singing, and try to go as high up as I can. The whole show was a good learning experience for me, but more than that, it gave me the platform whereby public got to know me, something I always wanted and dreamt of.” Life has changed for Toshi now. People recognize him as a singer, something Toshi always dreamt of. He laughs and agrees, “Yes, VOI has changed my life completely now. I wanted people to know me as singer, and this stage gave me the recognition, but with that, now my movement is restricted. It gives a very nice feeling when people recognize you on the streets and applaud, but now, I can’t even think of going to a movie with my brother, like old times whenever I feel like.”

So what are his future plans now? “I have left everything on Allah. Finally, what he thinks best will happen with us, and not what we plan or think. Presently, I still don’t have any project in hand, but Inshallah, I am hoping that I’ll get something soon.” For his fans he has just one message after this elimination. “Please do support and love me as you all have done always during these past few months. Now the real battle starts. Now I need to make sure that I stay at the top, and for that, I need all your support. Very soon I hope to get my album ready, and I am making sure that you all are not disappointed.”

It’s sad that another talented singer got eliminated from this show. But it was nice to see Toshi making sure to keep his feet firmly on the ground , and fight out for the future. We all wish this very talented singer from Jaipur the very best, and hope to see him soon in the music industry. After this elimination now Abhaas, Harshit and Ishmeet are the remaining finalists left in the show, now that the show has reached its concluding stage.

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Comments (24)

After irfan's elimination i only watched it for toshi.Now i wont watch it anymore.

16 years ago

first irfan then toshi i really doubt whether abhas will be out next hope so not...

16 years ago

First irfan, now toshi....i dont know how they are judging.. but its so unfair...after irfan i stopped watching and today i saw only to see who was to be eliminated....they have already chosen their winner and making us all a fool....i dont accept their judgement and i m not going to watch this prog any more...its fake and pre planned...

16 years ago

man befor they kick irfan out now toshi i don't knw how ppl r voting n how diz show is gonna go!!! i m not watching it anymore

16 years ago

I dont care anymore who gets eliminated. I am sick and tired of the show and i will be happy when it gets finally over. the way the contestants r re-entering thru wild card rounds, i wont be surprised if it becomes a never ending musical k-show.
I dont know y everyone is making hay out of nothing....public voting has never been predictable in any reality show and the best ones always get eliminated sooner or later. they never win.

16 years ago

first irfan n then toshi???????????? y on earth!!! not fair at all not fair at allll
i hope both of them really make it to the top in the music industry in the real world hopefully.... i wonder on wat basis is the voting done.. i mean seriously i dont wanna name that person but hes just getting votes because of some relevent factors which i need not say he should've been out ages ago.. theres so much discrimination.. eeyukk..

pls dont take whatevr i said personally.. tc

16 years ago

I relaly don'tr care....if there was no wild card entry..there would not have bbe a Toshi, Priyani or Abhas...
For me the real winners betwen whom the final should be as the ones left from the orginal who are still there Harshit and Ishmeet...

SVOI is the worst relaity show really...with such messed up rules and judges...

16 years ago

I think Abbahas ko bacha bacha bol bol ker abhi tak rakha hoa hai..... Alka ka mou bola beta :@

16 years ago

Toshi should've been in the top two! First Irfan now Toshi, it's not fair.

16 years ago

I don't know how to react.......toshi was the best singer of can this happen!!!!! :0......once he got the highest votes (he even won 2 bikes) cuz of that..........I think it's all done by the creatives and their not making this show fair......Its not the viewers fault that toshi got buttet out of the contest. the productions team is playing tricks and it's all's inpossiable how for 2 weeks he got the highest vote and the next week he is elimenated. I'm 100% sure its the's very upsetting that even contests are not fair anymore.. :(

16 years ago

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