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Shivin Narang Confirmed To Star Opposite Jennifer Winget in 'Beyhadh 2'

The actor will be paired opposite Jennifer Winget in the second season of the revenge-thriller.


There has been a lot of speculation of about actor Shivin Narang on whether he will be seen in Bigg Boss 13 or not. Even though there wasn't any confirmation on the actor being a part of the reality show, there were rumors about the same. However, it can now be confirmed that Narang won't be seen in Bigg Boss 13 because he has been roped in to play the lead in Sony TV's Beyhadh 2.

Beyhadh garnered immense popularity for its concept but more so for leading actress, Jennifer Winget's spectacular performance. The fans already know that Winget is returning for the second season of the show but there was a question mark about the male lead. Now, Narang is sealed to star opposite Winget for Beyhadh 2.

In an interview with Narang, the actor said, “I am quite selective about the projects I do. I don’t take up one unless the storyline and concept resonate with me.” Considering the fact that Beyhadh was driven by Winget's Maya and if he felt apprehensive about being overshadowed by the same, to which he said, “She is a fine actress and I am happy about sharing screen space with her. When I heard the story, it never felt even for a second that the narrative is driven by one character. It’s also about how well an actor performs to establish himself. I don’t do shows in which heroes don't contribute to the drama.”

About the rumors of doing Bigg Boss, he said, “Yes, talks were on. However, after much contemplation, I realized that I wasn’t mentally and emotionally prepared to handle a show like that at this point. Also, I didn’t want to be away from my family without any communication given my father’s medical condition,”

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BarbieVenom 8 months ago Jenny herself looks good with every actor. She has a baby face. She will rock it.
angel_juhi04 8 months ago @Panjabatti: Did you read the theme of the story before writing it? In fact, according to theme they should have taken even more younger looking than Shivin.
Ardhanarishwara 8 months ago Excited for jenny jens comeback.. shivin is a good choice.
Rozy77 8 months ago Jennifer is awesome n so is Shivin... I think it will b great. Looking forward to this3😁
PanjabanJatti 8 months ago No please no shivin narang he is no match opposite jennifer he looks way too young
BarbieVenom 8 months ago Jennifer is going to rock it 😍😍😍
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