Shivam Sharma becomes the first finalist of ‘Lock Upp’

Shivam wins the first ticket to finale of ‘Lock Upp’.

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Shivam Sharma

The race to the finale has begun; following yesterday's heart-thrilling task, the kaidis now have only 15 minutes to persuade Prince to hand over the golden tiles. First, he delegated the Kaidis a few tasks to make his decision; later, he gave Payal a plate with "sorry" written on it and said, "I am very impressed with you." She sobs uncontrollably after this, believing Prince has singled her out.

Later that day, the chief guard entered the jail and informed the kaidis that the round would continue. The tiles were filled with four boxes, and the keys were hidden in the yard area.

Munawar discovered the first key, and he opened one box and placed the tiles on Ali's plank. This scenario was carried on. Anjali obtained the last key and placed the tiles on Shivam's plank. Finally, Prince handed over his golden tile to Payal, and when his domino was flipped, Munawar was eliminated from the game. Anjali, Shivam, and Saisha were the last three people standing in the race for a ticket to the grand finale. But because only two kaidis could go for the ticket to the final task, Munawar attempted to persuade Azma to put her tile on Shivam's plank. Azma, on the other hand, played the game and instructed Shivam to place one tile on Saisha's plank. Shivam placed it, and finally, Anjali and Shivam were the two contenders for the final race ticket.

Jailor Karan Kundrra, enters the house with another Arena Task (Zorb ka Raja, Zorb ki Rani Ek Gir Gaya Khatam Kahaani). Anjali's team included Poonam, Munawar, and Ali, while Shivam's team included Payal, Azma, and Saisha.

Because of an injury, Saisha decided to withdraw from the first round. For the same round, Prince went to help Shivam. Anjali was defeated in the first round. Finally, Shivam single-handedly won the third round and became the first finalist.

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Munawar Faruqui,always respected shivm, he respected everyone actually.
Munawar Faruqui

1 years ago

Achha ni likh pata gundhi meri handwriting.Munawar Faruqui

1 years ago

If the backstabbing didn't happen, Munawar Faruqui would have been the first finalist, but atleast he came to know the real faces of his so called freinds.

1 years ago

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