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Shiva to die in 'Pandya Store'?

The upcoming episode of Pandya Store will see a major twist, where Shiva will meet with an accident and die.

Published: Wednesday,Jun 01, 2022 11:06 AM GMT-06:00
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Kanwar Dhillion

Star Plus' Pandya Store is one of the most popular shows on the tube now. The makers have been trying their level best to make the show interesting with its twists and turns. 

The current track of the show revolves around Pandya family entering Janardhan’s house as servants. They’re determined to take Dev and Rishita to Pandya niwas permanently and expose Janardhan and Kamini. Suman have suffered a paralytic stroke and the only hope of getting her back to health is to get Dev and Rishita in Pandya house.

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The upcoming track will see a major twist where Shiva will meet with an accident and he will be seen dead. 

Yes you heard it right!

As already seen Pandya's are facing a major money crisis. The situation get so difficult for them to even survive for basis. It will so happen that Gautam will decide to sell his village land for money and to see that Shiva goes for the deal to get it done and while on the way he meets with a road accident and is speculated to die.

While a high voltage drama is speculated in the show, it is still unsure whether Shiva will definitely die or no. What are your thoughts on this shocking twist in 'Pandya Store'? Hit the comment section below.

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AppleOfEye 2 months ago What more nonsense this show has to offer now?
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deeps07 2 months ago The show will be done for me if they repeat another mu track with shiva again hating ravi and not making any efforts to get her back..this is a very sensitive track..if handled properly with shiva going crazy to get her back and there is only love and no anger in this separation, this track can bring back the old magic in shivi..
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BaAZiGar0 2 months ago how can they do this ? isnt he the lead...
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adventure_gurl 2 months ago hoping not , Shiva and Raavi deserve happiness at last
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monaliza143 2 months ago Instead of killing Shiva. Kill Dev off. He is useless
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chinnu_kaku 2 months ago what the hell?
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spdp 2 months ago ShiVi is unique couple. People are waiting for Raavi ki khushiyan , Shiva standing up & are applauding every hint of positivity in their story.
Be it Raavi’s return, their 2nd Shaadi, them contesting & winning together, Hint of education track…. At each of this point, at each of these hint of positivity trp has jumped up.

Why not continue that?
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spdp 2 months ago Why???
Shut the show if they can’t show progressive tracks like education. As you had reported earlier.

And why this separation always for Shiva & Raavi? Have done it enough.
Why can't they show separation of So called leads: Dhara & gombi?
Or family growing apart?

This showing raavi and shiva in forever trouble is repetitive. Hope this article is false. Better be, tired of negativity.
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pareshif 2 months ago thanks for the article...
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