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Shilpa Shetty has finally broken her silence over the Shiv Sena and SRK controversy...

Shilpa Shetty has finally broken her silence over the Shiv Sena and SRK controversy, pertaining to IPL's exclusion of Pakistani players. The actress, who co-owns IPL team Rajsthan Royals with hubby Raj, said that it was very unfortunate that Shah Rukh was being targeted for expressing his opinions.

Shiv Sena has played a nasty move in threatening the release of SRK-Kajol starer My Name Is Khan after he refused to apologize for his comments in favor of Paki players. In majority of audiences all over Maharashtra, the repercussion has been to withdraw, in fear of unwanted violence on the part of Shiv Sainiks at all places of MNIK screening. Mumbai, for records, is hardly unaware of political riotous acts.

While extending her support, Shilpa added that everybody has the right to express their opinions and when a film gets affected, the entire industry faces a loss. She said that she stands by SRK as a human being.

When Shilpa was asked about her relationship with Shahrukh, she claimed to hold King Khan in high respect. She restated the issue was a extremely unfortunate and that she owed her rightful support to Shah Rukh on this matter. 

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