Shilpa Shetty sues 'imposter' Jazz Barton

Fame has its flip side too, as it throws up undeserving claimants to the big bucks that come with it.

Fame has its flip side too, as it throws up undeserving claimants to the big bucks that come with it. Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty has now filed a case against UK-based Jasveer 'Jazz' Barton for allegedly falsely claiming to be her agent. While Shilpa inched towards victory in the "Big Brother" house, Jazz went about making commitments and even signing a deal on Shilpa's behalf. "We have put up a case at the City Civil Court , Mumbai, asking for an injunction against Jazz Barton's untrue claims and demands," informed Shilpa's spokesperson and publicist Dale Bhagwagar. Bhagwagar alleged that Jazz had been sending legal notices seeking a cut from Shilpa's earnings, whereas the actress "does not have any contract or agreement with Jazz".

Jazz and Bobby Khan were instrumental in introducing Shilpa to Endemol, the casting agency for "Big Brother". Soon, the UK media started addressing Jazz as Shilpa's agent and Bobby Khan as manager, while the actress was still in the "Big Brother" house. "Due to those incorrect media reports, business queries were being misdirected to Jazz. But when we learnt that she had begun signing financial deals and making commitments on Shilpa's behalf, it had to be announced and clarified that she was not the official agent," said Bhagwagar.

Jazz then reportedly began giving derogatory statements against Shilpa and her mother Sunanda Shetty in the UK media. She is even learnt to have said that she "would be deeply unhappy if Sunanda appointed a white Briton to represent Shilpa in the UK and worldwide". Later, Jazz allegedly came down to Mumbai and indulged in slander against the actress in the Indian media as well. During her visits to India, Jazz was served two legal notices, after which she hurriedly left the country. "Subsequently, there was an exchange of more legal notices with Jazz making illegal claims and monetary demands. Thus, Shilpa was left with no other alternative but to take legal action against Jazz," said Bhagwagar.


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