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Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani's Karanvir Sharma: I think we need a newer understanding of TRPs, its subjective

Karanvir Sharma, during a conversation with Indiaforums, spoke about his point of view regarding TRPs, and here's what he had to say about it.

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Karanvir Sharma

TRPs are an absolutely important aspect for any show on television for it to continue on the screen. While there are actors who believe that it is their job to perform and let the audience decide the show's fate, one cannot deny that a consistent number game is important for any show to last longer. Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani actor Karanvir Sharma recently spoke to us about the same, and he feels that we need a newer understanding of TRPs, however, he also understands that the conversation around it is only necessary for producers and others in the industry,

Karanvir says, ''The thing is that I have never really understood TRPs and it has never been my forte. Yes, you do have a certain talk about it among people who are from television or producers and they will be concerned if a show is not getting TRPs and that is a very valid thing but it is very subjective. I think we need a newer understanding because the show might not do well on the TRP front but in the digital front of the same app of the same company, it can do wonders, so there has to be a total algorithm to it. The show might do really well in some other country, and might not do well in your country, so everything has to be considered.''

He adds, ''TRP is such a thing that I can't really understand it, I don't even know how they measure it, there is the whole BARC system and everything but what are the accuracy levels, I don't know. Having said that, if you want your show to work, you expect a consistent TRP but I have always told my people that I have never been a numbers person because it will start affecting me and my performance.''

Meanwhile, Karanvir returned to the sets of the show recently after having recovered from COVID-19 and is back to entertaining his audiences. The actor also made it to Twitter trends as he resumed shooting for the show.

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ReemShah 3 months ago the way TRP is calculated in India is old school--that's why good shows dont get TRP
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Nan_ArHi 3 months ago SAAKk is the best show on TV. Before SAAKK I used to watch two other shows but I couldn't bring myself to watch any other show because nothing is like saakk ❤️
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Nidhi14 3 months ago Shaurya sir anokhi ki kahani is the best show on TV. And I watch only this show for Karnvir Sharma and Debatma Sah.
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ringroses 3 months ago 'Hausla High Rakh' ....SAAKKTeam....KaranvirSharma DebattamaSaha...All beautiful families&friends...Jo tera hovega zaroor aayega...ShauryaAurAnokhiKiKahani...ThankYou StarPlus...please take care...LoveYouAll
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shahsb_26 3 months ago It's true TRPs are none of the concern for an actor and it's mostly channel and producers who must deal with it. Storyline is key to trps which is in hands of production house and promotion with channel... Though none of them are doing their part for this show... It definitely has better concept and content than other shows across various channels😏... Which are being promoted well on their respective channels...
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Bhavisweet03 3 months ago Love you KV❤️ you are superb as Shaurya 😍
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Sanhkika 3 months ago Truely agree kv sir...we also donot know how trp measures...system has to change u as Shaurya Sabharwal
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AnokhiKaShaurya 3 months ago KV is like most of us. We don't understand TRP system or how it is a good measure of popularity
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1sarun 3 months ago Love Shaurya aur anohkhi ki kahani. keep up the good work, Karanvir sharma, Debattama.
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Lavi_dovey 3 months ago Love SAAKK. Karanvir Sharma is perfect in his role as Shaurya.😍
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