Sharad and Divyanka awarded..

Recently, Sharad Malhotra and Divyanka Tripathi were awarded with the Bharatiya Sanskriti Award...

Sharad Malhotra and Divyanka Tripathi have become household names ever since Zee's Banoo Main Teri Dulhann hit well with the audience.

Recently, the duo was invited to Betal, Madhya Pradesh where they were given an award.

When asked about this, Sharad says, "We were invited to the Balaji Dham, in Betal which is officially declared as the 5th Dham of India. Divyanka and I were presented the Bhatartiya Sanskriti Award, and it felt really good to be honored".

"All this recognition has come because of our fans spread all over. We thank them for everything", concludes Sharad.

Well, this news will surely make the fans of Sharad and Divyanka happy!!

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Ssharad Malhotra

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being choosy on who you select as your friends on FACEBOOK!

The so many FANS who really go all out to be your followers are very disappointed that you only care for a few ..... Come Sharad you can definitely be more spontaneous ..... can't you!

14 years ago

Awww thats so nice how they got the award!!!! They deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 years ago

Hey are these two a real life couple too?!

15 years ago

awww SD we love you!!! they totally deserve!

15 years ago

aww thts nce. i dnt wtch BMTD anymore but i lke thm and wsh thm all the bst.

15 years ago

dis is really gr8888 news , thanxs 4 di post .

15 years ago

haiii u cuties r totally.....MINDBLOWING!

15 years ago

congrats!!! i am so happy for them!!

15 years ago

yaaay!! they deserve the awesome awards and much more!! luv them!!

15 years ago

woooooooooooooooooo i am so happy congrats jus luv dem

15 years ago

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