Shankar's Rockstars get Victorious...

Amul Music Ka Maha Muqqabla ke Sartaaj Bane “SHANKAR’S ROCKSTARS”, as theydefeated Shaan’s Strikers to emerge as undisputed winners

Victory bells have been sounded! The verdict is out! Shankar's Rockstars were crowned winners of the country's ultimate musical challenge at the Grand Finale of Amul Music Ka Maha Muqqabla, which was telecasted LIVE on Star Plus with thousands of fans and live audience voting for the ultimate winner.

The Rockstars defeated opponent Strikers after a stupendous competition with months of hard work and a determination to take home the coveted title. Special guest, Madhur  Bhandarkar handed over the Singer of the Day trophy to Anwesha, from Shaan's Strikers.

The Rockstars presented an astounding performance right through the night with their star singers Rahul Vaidya, Neeti Mohan, Sharib and Sanjeev stealing the show. Their astounding performance on the medley round swept the audience off their feet giving them an upper hand in the neck to neck competition. Leading the team to victory was the invincible captain Shankar himself.

The proud captain and winner of the show Shankar Mahadevan said, "This is like a dream come true. After months of hard work and emotional upswings we have finally been able to achieve what we had set out for. The competition was really close and it was a pleasure facing a stalwart like Shaan in the finals. This is a moment of pride for us to have been able to emerge as the winners of Amul Music Ka Maha Muqqabla. I would also like take this opportunity to thank my team, my family and the audience across the nations who have stood by us and supported us throughout this musical journey."

Amul Music Ka Maha Muqqabla was conducted LIVE on March 20th on Star Plus, in the presence of hundreds of fans and some of the renowned names from the music industry.

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Comments (26)

Lame show! Shaan deserved it,he had a better team thn Shankar this is ridiculous! Hate shakar rockstrs team..Love u shaan ur my jaan Xx

13 years ago

Congrats Shankars Rockstars, u guys rocked as usual but Shaan u have won my heart and i believe many of the hearts by your sweet and innocent singing... congrats to you also....

13 years ago

Congrats Shaan Strikers.. They are undisputed WINNERS of MKMM.. They won in public Vote and also they should have WON the prefinal if not CHEATED and also the final has no value as songs were played in backgroud and same mumbai audience who gave shankar more points in last round in finals were dumb stuck silent when Shankar was declared Winner!! Surprise but for us all Shaan is real WINNER!! Congrats Strikers!! Go Strikers Go!!

13 years ago

@smilie...totally agree with u....shankars rockstars rock...they the best n they proofed it.....

13 years ago

wrong decision just for a foul play shaan lostt

13 years ago

shanker and rahul vaidya were the only singers of his team and still they won ??? shanker can sing all the songs and get full marks .. very unfair game by him.. shan deserved to win for sure with greatest singers and he gave chance to all to sing..neeti mohan was terrible singer and made so may mistakes and still their team won ???

13 years ago

Shame Shame Gajendra singh and Star plus you have cheated us.. We have sent our valuable votes to our fav candidate But you totally ignored that and didnt use it .. If you already decided you will take only studio audiences votes then why did you tell us to send sms and give votes ..

13 years ago

Shankar's Rockstars are the most deserving team.They have always done their best in each show.They really Rock!Shankarji himself is a great classical singer which makes us prefer him as the best captain.Have you noticed that he has never fighted with any one without any reason.He likes his team too.He has tried his best to keep his team's manners too.I like Neeti too.Their team is the best in comparison to any other team.
Other teams are also nice.But the only quality we like about Shankarji is that he always keeps peace and has got innocence on his eyes.He is the best captain.

13 years ago

Shaan and his team deserved 2 sad

13 years ago

ya congrats for Shankar Rockstars....they were definitely more deserving :)

13 years ago

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