Shakti Arora feels content on TV needs to change, will return if he gets something as interesting as Silsila

Shakti Arora gets talking about time spent during lockdown, what he is looking forward to an content on television.

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Shakti Arora has been away from the television screens for the last two years. Recently, the actor got talking about how he spent his lockdown in an interview with ETimes TV, while also talking about television content at large.

The actor said how he feels that TV needs to try newer concepts and move away from the regular stories. While he mentioned that he is not saying that the current shows are not good, he does feel that the same cliches are being followed. He added how everyone continues to offer the same supernatural shows or even the typical love stories.

The actor added how in the past year, few makers have tried on new concepts, however, there aren't enough interesting and meaty roles for actors who want to act. He added that he feels it is now time for makers to move to interesting scripts and dialogues.

While talking about life after marriage, the actor stated how he feels they both are blessed as they spent some quality time at home and that is also when they realised how it is important to upgrade themselves. The actor quipped how he chose to learn new skills via online courses and given that their careers are rather uncertain, it is courses and studies that will always help since it is also important to earn money and live a good life.

About projects ahead, the actor said that the last year has been difficult and they have to wait and just focus on things to get better. As for work, he also added that he would definitely take up something if it is as interesting as his last show, Silsila.

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Comments (7)

One such crts lyk mauli can never be back

1 years ago

Hw strong she s even after betrayal

1 years ago

In silsila i loved mauli crt...

1 years ago

Silsila was lame though and certainly not an ideal show for an actor to look at. Idk why he thought naming Silsila would sound great. 🤷🤷

3 years ago

Shows his taste, lol. He loved playing the role of a cheater onscreen.

3 years ago

Wait what? Silsila was interesting? What did it do other than glorifying EMA?

3 years ago

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