Shakti Anand to enter Bhaskar Bharti..

Shakti Anand's entry in the Sony show will bring some major twists to the tale..

Sony's Bhaskar Bharti, produced by DJ's Creative Unit will see the entry of Shakti Anand very soon!!

Shakti Anand who makes a comeback to a daily show after a long time plays a complex character, and is the elder brother of Armaan.

According to our source, "Omkaar aka Shakti Anand is Armaan's elder brother. There is a past to Armaan's life which will get revealed, and that is the fact that Armaan had run away from his typical feudal family years back. Omkaar who has inherited his father's attributes follows in the footsteps of his father who was a goonda. Omkaar now takes over Men's Universe as the financier. But he is thrilled when he bumps into Armaan in the office, and gets to know that his brother is getting married the next day".

But what follows is a big twist, wherein Omkaar is shocked on seeing Bharti's face during the wedding, as she resembles his wife Bharti who has eloped six months back. "Omkaar stops the ongoing wedding when he sees Bharti's face which is in ghoonghat, and claims that she is his wife, and cannot get married to Armaan", informs our source.

We called Shakti Anand, who confirmed the news that he is entering Bhaskar Bharti. However, he could not talk in detail as he was busy shooting.

Aamir Ali accepted to the fact that Shakti Anand's entry is to bring a major twist in the tale. "He will play my elder brother. There is a revelation to happen which will affect the lives of Armaan, Bharti and Omkaar as well".

Well, this comedy of errors is getting even more complex with every passing twist…

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Comments (22)

his entry ruined the show.
it was the only show which got my respect to watch. the new twist and track is crap

14 years ago

if you all watch the show now, its actually pretty exciting xD

14 years ago

yar plz bharti ko kabhi to khush rehne do....

14 years ago

whatere happened to ekta's rule of one twist at a time...

Cant beleive i am advicing ekta-niti to someone!!! *shocked*

seriously tho' - too many twists!!

14 years ago

Thank God, I've stopped watching this show weeks ago. So it's true... they really don't want us to watch TV

14 years ago

well, this shw was nice earlier. Now its too many twists have made it boring.

14 years ago

i donmt watch this show , but shakti is back may be might catch his episodes

14 years ago

nice twist!!!
but I dont want anybody 2 come betwen arman n bharti

14 years ago

OMG...Lolz! Another Hillarious Twist...Well Lets C Wat Happens!:P
....But I Wnt ArBi..Hopefully No Sad Scenes! :(

14 years ago


14 years ago

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