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Shah Rukh Khan's son Abram is a little artist and we have proof!!

As he scribbles the cutest inspirations on a piece of paper, there's someone who is watching at him in awe of it all.


There's one thing when we learn to be an artist and master our art and there's another thing when that art runs in your blood. Shah Rukh Khan is truly blessed as not only is he the King Khan of Bollywood but he is blessed with children who are true embodiments of talents and arts. 

As we already know Suhana Khan is busy learning film making from New York University, there's something adorable which little Abram is upto as well. He is painting and sketching and what comes out on the canvas are the cutest scribbling of a king, a man and something more. 

Have a look:

Raising kids is something Mr. Khan is very particular about and makes sure he raises great people. In a Twitter post once, he wrote,"Over years I made a good house...Gauri made a good Home but I really believe we are the best at making some really good kids!"

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