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Shah Rukh Khan's REQUEST to Cameramen who HARASSED his daughter Suhana

We can feel your pain Shah Rukh Khan...


As reported earlier, Shah Rukh Khan's daughter, Suhana Khan was being harassed by cameramen at the special screening of "Tubelight".

Talking about the incident, at the press conference, SRK made a very sincere request to all the media persons and cameramen who capture pictures of his kids. He requested them to not chase his kids for photographs.

He said, "One little request, woh joh photographers hai na apne, Yaar woh Bacchon ki tasveer lo toh thoda pyaar se lo yaar. Ek do photo leke chod diya karo unko PLEASE."

It so happened that Suhana was exiting the theater when the paparazzi happened to have surrounded her and instead of clicking few pictures thet kept following her. Their behavior scared Suhana, who was seen all worried and tensed.


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naureenfizz 3 years ago I dont think it was harassment but YES.. She was very uncomfortable.. These camera men should show some humanity and should go.. But NO they were all chasing her like she is a honey bee.. That was pathetic..
Paytonlee 3 years ago Some of the commentators everywhere are being too heartless to the girl. She was okay and comfortable when she was with her dad (restaurant opening night) but she got awkward and probably a little bit scared to be surrounded by a group of guys with cameras. They could have taken the pics and just went but till the lift door closes they were their calling her name and clicking

also irresponsible of her dad and the security for letting her go alone when they know its a public event and paps will be there with cameras.2017-06-27 11:28:21
Dreamygal301 3 years ago I think it's a bit late for him to ask the paparazzi to back of, not when he - and all the other indian stars - blatantly get their children in the midst of their own publicity. If you want to protect your children, then don't for heaven's sake have them walk through a field of paparazzi, protect them from a young age! He seems to always have his children in the limelight...
Having said that, I wonder why his daughter was left alone when he knows there will be media? very irresponsible of him as a parent... The poor thing was stressed, you can see it on her face.2017-06-27 09:21:28
Mages 3 years ago if she gets scare like that how will she handle stardom when actually she wants to be a actress...she needs to learn how to handle by her father...who is an expert of it
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