Sarwar's entry in Jyoti brings a new twist..

Sarwar enters the NDTV Imagine show Jyoti with a con identity...

Sarwar Ahuja is debuting in television as an actor with NDTV Imagine's Jyoti. With his entry comes another big twist which will change the life of Jyoti (Sneha Wagh). His essays thecharacter of Sachin.

"He is entering the show as Sachin, but this is not his real identity. He is conning as he does not want Jyoti to know the truth about him," says our source..

Elaborating on the twist further our source adds, "Well he is basically the one who gives huge amount of Donation to the Ashram called Shishu Mangal. Jyoti frequently visits this ashram to spend quality time with the kids."

"His real name is Pankaj and he is blind. Things do not go well between them in their first interaction, but later as the story moves, there is every chance of the two getting into a relation", concludes the source.

The actor will be entering the show on 21st April.

So viewers are you ready to watch another high point in Jyoti's life...

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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i was told that he will be pankaj,now i see him appearing as sachin i thought the reason for name change may be ipl mania.sarwar ahuja is at his best in acting,but he should be not a con man any more.he is a teacher with moral idealogies.all the best sarwar jee.

15 years ago

Finally something good will happen for Jyoti...and a good-looking one at that.

15 years ago

the show is doing great , it would be great to see such a good looking male lead opposite SNEHA JYOTI WAGH.

15 years ago

i hope pankaj ki eyes thik ho jayeee n he goes on wid jyoti!!!

15 years ago

Jyoti will def fall in love wd hm by d tym goes. No pbrz 4d famly cz he''s rch so lts c.

15 years ago

i''m totally looking forward to this, although he will prolly be entering the US episodes in like May or something

15 years ago

Welcome to the Show, But the twist isnt Bad I Guess
Will be Interesting to Watch I Guess, Really looking forward to it ..

15 years ago

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